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Connected content: the object-oriented way

Ekaterina Mitova ,Dimiter "Jimmy" Simov


We are all familiar with the task-based documentation approach. Writing about user tasks, however, is much better and easier when we understand the objects that users need to perform these tasks. We would like to show you how you can improve your own content by using object-oriented analysis.


starting time
21/07/20 | 14:00 clock
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21/07/20 | 15:00 clock
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learning objectives

Objectives: Demonstrate a process authors can immediately start using to improve their content.



Ekaterina Mitova

Ekaterina Mitova

Ekaterina Mitova started as an information developer. Then, a couple of years later, she switched to development, only to realize that information development is her true passion. Or in other words, she loves to provide help that really helps. In the last couple of years, she was working mostly on chatbots, conversational UI and AI.

Dimiter "Jimmy" Simov

Dimiter "Jimmy" Simov

Dimiter Simov is helping the teams that are building SAP Cloud Platform to help the users of the platform be better at their own jobs. This means usability in particular and user experience in general. He is also knee-deep in the human side of chatbots.