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On-Demand Webinars

The library contains recordings of our past webinars that you can watch at any time. This is a service exclusively for our members and you need to login to 'my tekom' to watch the recording.

    Soft Skills

    English for Non-Native Writers: Working with the tekom Guide for Rule-Based Writing

    Kristina Johnson Coenen

    This webinar is focused on the tekom published guides for “Rule-Based Writing – English for Non-Native Writers”. What are the advantages to working with rule-based writing? How can you select rules...

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    Standards and Legislation

    Standards for Software Documentation

    Prof. Sissi Closs

    ISO/IEC has published a set of standards (ISO/IEC 26511-26515) for software documentation. Each standard addresses specific target groups with their roles and tasks in the information development...

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    Successfully Shaping the Future Profession of Technical Communicator

    Jürgen Sapara

    There has always been a need to explain products. An old example is the "Fireworks Book" of 1420, which describes the manufacture of firearms and powder mixtures.
    In recent years, the occupation has...

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    User Experience

    User Assistance: (Im)possible Future of Technical Communication

    Angel Lafchiev

    Mankind has sought ways to acquire and share information since the dawn of civilization. Since the industrial revolution, automation and scale have become driving factors in virtually all industries....

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    Standards and Legislation

    Safety communication for machinery and other products and the EU product safety regulations

    Roland Schmeling

    Safety communication, especially safety instructions and warning messages, are ruled mainly by the U.S. Standard ANSI Z535 series. The international standard IEC 82079-1 is in accordance with ANSI but...

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    Multilingual Workflow Management - Life cycle of a translation project

    Nancy Matis

    Translation projects vary according to the client's requirements, the medium of the text to be translated, the target audience, and many other factors. Depending on the person in charge, the way they...

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    Software Documentation

    Making Agile Really Work: Tips and Best Practices for Tech Writers

    Dobrinka Stefanova

    Agile’s dynamic and unpredictable nature can be a challenge for technical writers. Join this webinar to learn tips and best practices collected from real-life Agile experience. You will learn how to...

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    Intelligent Information

    Are You Ready for Information 4.0?

    Frau steht vor Skyline und bedient intelligente Applikationen
    Marie Girard

    Industry 4.0 is challenging how we deliver and manage content. It heralds a new era for information: Information 4.0. Technology shifts are inevitable, and when they happen they can be extremely...

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    Tools and Technologies

    What the Tag? From Confluence to DITA CMS in Less Than 80 Days

    Justyna Adamczyk ,Barbara Szwarc

    We will present the transition from creating and publishing documentation using Atlassian Confluence to working with DITA CMS as our main documentation tool. We will prove that even though moving to a...

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    Technical Writing ,Translation

    Bridging the Gap between Technical Communication and Translation

    Dr. Birgitta Meex ,Dr. Daniela Straub

    The processes of creating and translating/localizing information products are highly interwoven knowing that the content created by technical communicators along the product information life cycle...

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