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The library contains recordings of our past webinars that you can watch at any time. This is a service exclusively for our members and you need to login to 'my tekom' to watch the recording.

    Software Documentation

    Manage Documentation for Software Development in Agile Environment with Remote and Distributed teams

    Monica Chis

    Agile development was originally imagined for clustered teams, or teams physically located together in the same office. Nowadays, during the COVID-19 pandemic, we have realized that we need a lot of...

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    Technical Writing

    Editing for Leaner Modern Content

    Technischer Redakteur vor dem Computer_Aufnahme von hinten
    Leah Guren

    All TechComm professionals work with complex content. You may have old legacy content that is overly formal, poorly structured, and contains unnecessary information. You know that you need to improve...

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    Software Documentation ,Technical Writing

    Authoring, Collaboration and CX - Miss One and You Miss the Point

    Technischer Redakteur vor dem Computer_Aufnahme von hinten
    Steve Wiseman

    Outline of contents:

    • documentation is more than "here's how the product works" - design thinking/interaction design and UX is now a core part of the development process
    • technical writers need to...

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    The ABC of technical writing for high quality and cost efficient translation

    Anna Tellow ,Therese Allard

    This webinar will bring some practical insights during the content creation process to facilitate consistency in quality and cost efficiencies in the translation process. Special focus will be placed...

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    How to establish a true enterprise terminology management

    Klaus Fleischmann

    The last few months have shown us how much digital transformation and artificial intelligence have become anchored in everyday life. Often, it became painfully clear to us that terminology is THE...

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    Ask the Expert

    Safety communication in industrial contexts - approaches and recommendations for technical communicators

    Claas Digmayer

    The fourth industrial revolution (‘Industry 4.0’ or ‘Smart Factory’) has lasting effects on how work is organized and executed. In this context, safety is of central importance for technical...

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    Intelligent Information

    21st century information: Ethical challenges

    Frau steht vor Skyline und bedient intelligente Applikationen
    Ray Gallon

    When machines make decisions for us, what is our responsibility? Indeed, what is responsibility at all? Who - or what - is accountable when something untoward happens, and how do we document, trace,...

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    Software Documentation

    Wie Metadaten das Publishing von hochgradig diverser Produktdokumentation effektiv unterstützen

    Frank Wegmann

    Für Firmen, die für eine umfangreiche Produktpalette die entsprechend angepasste Dokumentation kontinuierlich bereitstellen müssen, ist die Automatisierung von Build-Prozessen Schlüssel zum...

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    4-Gänge-Menü für virtuelle Meetings: Wie Sie gekonnt darauf einstimmen, aktivieren und abschließen

    Marko Hamel ,Miriam Hamel

    Corona zeigte es: Virtuelle Meetings sind unerlässlich. Doch wie motiviere ich Teilnehmer, wie führe ich sie ansprechend und aktivierend durch das Meeting und wie stelle ich sicher, dass das...

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    Technical Writing

    Connected content: the object-oriented way

    Ekaterina Mitova ,Dimiter "Jimmy" Simov

    We are all familiar with the task-based documentation approach. Writing about user tasks, however, is much better and easier when we understand the objects that users need to perform these tasks. We...

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