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On-Demand Webinars

The library contains recordings of our past webinars that you can watch at any time. This is a service exclusively for our members and you need to login to 'my tekom' to watch the recording.

Software Documentation

Introduction to Best Practices for Software Development Documentation Using Agile Scrum

Monica Chis

Monica Chis will present best practices for creating software documentation for software project development using agile methodology coming from her experience in software development. Why should...

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Technical Writing

The Content Experience

Petra Lazarova

Ever wondered whether a soul in the world cares about your highly regarded content? Well, wonder no more because the matter is not about your content but how global audiences are experiencing it. A...

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Technical Writing

Blogging - Writing Tips and SEO

Paula Stern

In Blogging – Part I, we discussed why you should have a blog, the differences between blogs and websites, main blogging platforms, the importance of knowing your readers, setting goals, and some...

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Ask the Expert

Ask the Expert - How to Create Compliant Information for Use for the EU in 5 Steps?

Ferry Vermeulen

In this webinar, I will outline a step-by-step approach to create compliant information for use for the European market. I will share practical information for each step of my approach.
Following the...

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