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Past Events


  • April 24, 2017

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    tekom Europe Webinar hosted by tekom Romania

    Webinar on Standards for Software Documentation

    Another successful tekom Romania event, namely a webinar on Standards for Software Documentation. The expert speaker was the widely known and appreciated Prof. Sissi Closs, Professor of Information and Media Technology at the Karlsruhe University of Applied Sciences and CEO of C-Topic Consulting. [...]

  • September 2015

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    tekom Roadshow, Bucharest

    tekom Europe Roadshow 2015

    In 29 septembrie 2015, tekom Europe Roadshow a poposit in Bucuresti pentru ultima din seria conferintelor mobile din acest an. Tema conferintei a fost Intelligent Information, trend-ul de a aduce comunicarea tehnica in pas cu tehnologia pe care o avem astazi la dispozitie. [...]

  • Mai 2015

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    tekom Romania Tg. Mures Conference 2015

    Professional Technical Writing

    Dana Prodan

    Vineri, 29 mai 2015, am pregatit un nou eveniment in Tg. Mures, adresat persoanelor responsabile cu redactarea, traducerea şi diseminarea de conţinut tehnic. [...]

  • February 2015

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    tekom Romania Conference 2015

    Single Source Publishing Using DITA and DITA Tools

    Dana Prodan

    The event took place on February 27, 2015, in the Senate Hall of the Politehnica University of Bucharest. The subject of this event was Single Source Publishing with DITA and DITA Tools, and our guest speaker, Prof. Sissi Closs, spoke about DITA: The adequate source format in a heterogeneous documentation environment. In her talk, she explained the main principles and features of DITA and showed examples of DITA authoring using popular tool environments, such as the Adobe Technical Communication Suite. [...]

  • Sept 2014

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    tekom Europe Roadshow 2014

    Technical Communication on the Move: Mobile One-Day Conference stops in Bucharest on September 24

    Kiriaki Kampouridou

    Following the success of the previous year’s roadshow, tekom Europe hit the road in 2014 to bring together TC professionals from across Europe. The mobile one-day conference was hosted in eight European cities in September to encourage fruitful dialogue between industry experts, decision-makers and managers in the field of technical communication. The roadshow stopped in Bucharest on September 24, 2014. [...]

  • May 2014

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    tekom Romania event report

    Graphic Design and Tools for Technical Writers

    The second tekom Romania event for 2014, on the topic of ”Graphic Design and Tools for Technical Writers”, took place on the 9th of May in Bucharest and was a half-day workshop held by our guest speaker Dirk Schmitz. [...]

  • April 2014

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    Event report tekom Romania

    Conference on Professional and Academic Writing

    Dana-Adriana Prodan (published by Kiriaki Kampouridou)

    Our first conference for the year of 2014 took place on the 27th of March in the Senate Hall of the Politehnica University of Bucharest and was a resonant with the audience. In order to provide valuable insight for all our members, this first event was created for our entry-level audience. [...]

  • 2013

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    Event report

    Technical Communication and Software Documentation

    Voichita Ghenghea, Adela Vintea

    After several successful events held in the capital, Bucharest, tekom was looking for new business contacts in the North-West region of the country. The area of Cluj-Napoca is well-known for its strong IT service and growing software development sector. That is why the third event of this year focused on technical documentation for software and took place in Cluj-Napoca, on October, 30th 2013. [...]