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Here, you will find tekom’s current English-language publication program: magazines, guidelines, practical guides, studies, annual book series, academic series and proceedings around technical communication.

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Current New Publications:

  • 2018

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    Annual Book Series | Vol. 2

    Year Book 2018

    tekom Europe

    Year Books are a new publication series published by tekom Europe. On the first pages of this publication, we inform you about recent developments in tekom Europe and about country organizations. [...]

  • 2018

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    NEW Proceedings

    Proceedings Vol. 6

    Birgitta Meex & Sissi Closs

    The sixth European Academic Colloquium (EAC) took place on April 26-27 at the University of Limerick in Ireland. For the third time, the Colloquium was integrated into the Erasmus+ project TecCOMFrame. [...]

  • 2018

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    NEW Study, 2nd updated edition

    Successful Terminology Management in Companies

    Klaus-Dirk Schmitz, Daniela Straub

    Terminology work is a hot subject in many companies. In fact, as the results of a representative survey show, two-thirds of the respondents, viz. 69%, are dealing with terminology management subject matter. Although currently only 21.2% are using a terminology management system, 20% of the respondents are about to implement one, and another 27% are addressing questions regarding successful terminology management in the company. To support all those interested in terminology work, tekom has compiled a practice-related study. [...]

  • 2018

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    NEW Practical Guides

    Standards and Guidelines for API Documentation

    Anne Tarnoruder

    Creating professional API documentation can be a challenge. Anne Tarnoruder’s book ‘Standards and Guidelines for API Documentation’ is a valuable source of guidance and education for both technical writers and developers who produce API documentation. Covering the major programming API languages and technologies, such as Java, JavaScript, MS.Net, REST and OData, and based on the widely adopted industry standards, these guidelines serve as a vast source of knowledge about API documentation. [...]

  • 2018

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    NEW Guidelines, 1. edition

    Delivery of information for use in electronic form – eDoc

    Magalie Baumgartner, Michael Fritz, Jens-Uwe Heuer-James, Viktoria Klemm, Claudia Klumpp, Jörg Michael, Roland Schmeling

    A tekom Europe-wide survey in the year 2015 with more than 1,200 participants showed that legal requirements are often seen as the main reason for still delivering instructions for use in printed form instead of in electronic form. For this reason, tekom, with a team of over 20 experts from all relevant sectors, has drawn up a guideline that provides greater clarity on this issue. This guideline has now also been published in English. [...]

  • 2018

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    Practical Guides

    Safety Notes and Warning Messages

    Jens-Uwe Heuer-James, Roland Schmeling, Matthias Schulz

    Since technical communicators have developed a growing awareness of product liability issues, safety notes and warnings have increased dramatically in all kinds of product manuals and handbooks. The American standard ANSI Z535.4 for safety signs and labels has frequently been adapted by them since the early 1990s. [...]