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Further Education

Vocational and Advanced Training

The field of technical communication employs predominantly people who have changed their careers and have previously completed a tertiary education in a different field. Vocational and advanced training for technical communicators is not regulated. It is not a profession in a strict legal sense. Many people who have changed their careers have found their way into technical communication through re-training or multi-month vocational training.

The following vocational and advanced training measures are available:

  • The tekom traineeship
  • Multi-month vocational training
  • Extra-occupational, multi-month advanced training

The relevant advanced training providers offer customized group training for companies in the German-speaking region. These culminate with the formal proof and  Opens internal link in current window"Technical Communicator (tekom)" certificate by tekom.

The tekom Traineeship

The tekom traineeship, in particular, is intended for graduates of technical, natural, social or human sciences or also for university dropouts. It is a practical vocational training in technical communication, the concept and contractual definition of which is based on the journalism traineeship where the in-house vocational training is complemented by external advanced training measures.

Full-time training

Full-time training is recommended for those who have changed their careers and who in their previous career had no experience with technical communication. Full-time training extends across a longer period, six months or longer, and usually comprises a work placement as well as the educational phases. They are offered by private institutes and may be financially assisted by means of a training voucher from the employment agency upon submission of individual qualifications.

Extra-occupational Advanced Training

Extra-occupational advanced training in technical communication is also offered in the training market. This is, however, largely geared towards employees who are also working in the technical communication arena. For those who have shifted careers and are employed in technical communication without previous professional experience or vocational training – e.g. initially in in-house vocational training – an extra-occupational advanced training is highly recommended. Vocational and advanced training offerings in technical communication can be accredited by tekom. The accreditation seal confirms that the vocational and advanced training for a technical writer meets the tekom requirements and quality standards and that it can be completed with the tekom certificate "Technical Communicator (tekom)". 

Overview Training Providers

AWV – Akademie für Wirtschaft und Verwaltung 01277 Dresden www.awv.de Full-time courses
Extra-occupational part-time courses
Universität Rostock 18055 Rostock www.weiterbildung. uni-rostock.de Extra-occupational training  
WBS Training AG 20097 Hamburg www.wbstraining.de Full-time measure Akkreditierter Bildungsgang - Logo
FGE Trainingscenter Mettenmeier GmbH 33100 Paderborn www.fge.de Full-time courses Akkreditierter Bildungsgang - Logo
VDI Wissensforum GmbH Verein Deutscher Ingenieure e.V. 40239 Düsseldorf  www.vdi.de  Individual seminars  
Fleury & Fleury Consultants  50969 Köln www.fleuryfleury.com  Individual seminars  
tecteam Bildungsinstitut GmbH 44263
www.tecteam.de Full-time courses
Extra-occupational training
Individual seminars
Distance learning
Akkreditierter Bildungsgang - Logo
VDI Fortbildungs-zentrum Stuttgart 70563
www.vdi-fortbildung.de Individual seminars  
Technik und Dokumentation Johann Olasz 72525 Münsingen www.technischedok.de Individual seminars  
GARP Bildungszentrum 73760 Ostfildern- Ruit www.garp.de Extra-occupational training  
memex Academy 73265 Dettingen unter Teck www.memex-academy.eu Individual seminars  
Help Design 73240 Wendlingen am Neckar www.helpdesign.de Individual seminars  
TAE Technische Akademie Esslingen 73760 Ostfildern www.tae.de Extra-occupational training Akkreditierter Bildungsgang - Logo
reinisch AG  76131 Karlsruhe  www.reinisch.de  Individual seminars  
Hochschule Karlsruhe Technik & Wirtschaft 76133 Karlsruhe www.hs-karlsruhe.de Extra-occupational training Akkreditierter Bildungsgang - Logo
Semcon GmbH 80336 München www.semcon.com Individual seminars Akkreditierter Bildungsgang - Logo
itl Institut für technische Literatur AG 80687 München www.itl.de  Individual seminars  
tfk technologies GmbH 81379 München www.tfk.de Individual seminars  
Hochschule Ulm 89075 Ulm www.hs-ulm.de Extra-occupational training  
TÜV Rheinland LGA Akademie 90431 Nürnberg  www.tuv.com/de/ deutschland/akademie/ nuernberg.html Individual seminars   
Grundig Akademie für Wirtschaft und Technik 90471 Nürnberg www.grundig-akademie.de Extra-occupational training  
doctima GmbH  90768 Fürth www.doctima.de  Individual seminars  
Computer System GmbH Ilmenau 98693 Ilmenau www.cs-ilmenau.de Full-time courses
Individual seminars
 Akkreditierter Bildungsgang - Logo
Züricher Hochschule für Angewandte Wissenschaften - Zentrum für Technik-kommunikation CH -8401 Winterthur www.linguistik.zhaw.ch/ technikkommunikation Extra-occupational training  
WIFI Österreich Wirtschaftsförderungs-institut A -1040 Wien www.wifi.at Extra-occupational training Akkreditierter Bildungsgang - Logo
University of Limerick
Technical Communication Section 
IRL - Limerick  www.ul.ie/techcomm Distance learning  


Overview Career changers

Specialization of studies /
Vocational trainingIndustrial establishmentSoftware companiesOther companiesService providers
Technical communication and documentation15.4%19.5%18.2%19.6%16.9%
Engineering sciences32.2%10.4%28.0%27.8%27.9%
Technical vocational training22.1%3.7%18.2%13.3%17.7%
Linguistics and cultural studies5.1%11.6%3.0%7.0%6.1%
Natural sciences and mathematics5.3%10.4%6.8%10.1%6.9%
Media and communication sciences3.2%4.3%3.8%3.0%
Economic and social sciences1.7%6.1%3.8%1.9%2.6%
Commercial / trading vocational training1.8%3.7%5.3%1.9%2.5%
Psychology and cognitive sciences0.2%0.6%0.2%


Lifelong Learning

The fast-changing working environment and related innovations carry with them the need for greater qualification requirements. Even after a completed vocational or advanced training, it is important to retain, adapt and increase skills and expert knowledge. Successful technical communicators are expected to continue learning throughout their professional lifetime and to align their knowledge and skills with the latest needs and requirements not least to affirm their place in the job market.

Technical writers have different options to stay abreast of the latest knowledge:

  • tekom/tcworld Opens external link in new windowconferences: Every year tekom organizes a theme-specific spring conference and a cross-theme annual conference, during which current trends and the latest methodological approaches are presented in numerous papers, workshops, tutorials and podium discussions. A large trade fair with different products and a range of services related to technical communication completes the offering.
  • Professional journals: With "Opens internal link in current windowtechnische kommunikation" ("technical communication"), tekom publishes a German-language professional journal for technical communication every two months in which renowned experts and authors share their expertise and experiences in technical papers. The journal is free for members. tekom also issues the Opens internal link in current windowtcworld magazine, an English-language publication, focusing on international and multilingual documentation development.
  • tekom web portal: The tekom web portal keeps readers informed about the state of the art in Technical Communication and about current events.
  • Technical literature: tekom regularly publishes technical Opens internal link in current windowpublications as well as Opens internal link in current windowguidelines and Opens internal link in current windowstudies. In addition, there are a number of Opens internal link in current windowGerman- and English-language technical publications for technical communication.
  • Regional group events: During the year, the German tekom Opens internal link in current windowregional groups and European Opens internal link in current windowcountry groups regularly host events with talks on special subjects. These are free for members. Those interested in tekom are also welcome.
  • Events for executive managers: To satisfy the information needs of executive managers, tekom hosts their own workshops and forums.
  • Seminars and extra-occupational advanced training: Service providers for technical communication and advanced training providers have in their offerings special seminar programs on technical communication topics and conduct extra-occupational advanced training.