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Information 4.0


Are you ready for Information 4.0?

SpeakerMarie Girard
Hosttekom Türkiye
DateTuesday, November 21
AbstractIndustry 4.0 is challenging how we deliver and manage content. It heralds a new era for information: Information 4.0. Technology shifts are inevitable, and when they happen they can be extremely disruptive; you can find yourself having to "adapt or die." But how do we need to adapt? What needs to change in how we manage and deliver contents so that we're ready to take advantage of all that Information 4.0 has to offer? And how do we manage those changes? In this webinar, I present a way to assess your readiness for Information 4.0, and what steps you can take to get closer to your goals.
Speaker bioMarie Girard manages content strategy and architecture for IBM products. She leads unified content strategy efforts through audits and collaboration across silos, with a constant focus on user experience. She teaches Technical Communication 101 and Information Architecture at Paris Diderot University, and investigates how everything interrelates through the practice of yoga.
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