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Test 2

Working with third-party content. What are the challenges?

Jennifer O’Neill, UTC Fire & Security

To reduce costs, companies are increasingly outsourcing the engineering and manufacturing of their products, mostly to China and Taiwan. Instead of doing these tasks in-house themselves for a product (whether hardware or software), they buy the required parts or software from another company to sell to their customers. They may even collaborate with a third-party company to customize that company’s products. Jennifer O’Neill outlined the main challenges technical writers at her company UTC Fire & Security are confronted with when managing third-party content from OEMs (original equipment manufacturer). They range from legal considerations and content quality, brand identity, terminology, and localization issues to project management, the use of tools, and working with multiple external teams who may be dispersed globally. Jennifer concludes her presentation by sharing different ways and strategies to deal with outsourced “contaminated” content, such as collaborative writing.