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Software Documentation ,Technical Writing

The Adventure of a Tech Writer in the Software Universe

Maria Nedelcu

"The Adventure of a Tech Writer in the Software Universe", the topic of the upcoming tekom Romania webinar dedicated to students, is held by Maria Nedelcu, will take place on May 19th (2-3 p.m., EET)...

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Ask the Expert

Ask the Expert: Team Culture and Motivation in Technical Writing Teams

Kai Weber

Fostering good team culture and motivation in a team of technical writers can be tricky. Some teams are distributed or not even a formal team. Some teams are not embedded well in development or...

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Crowd translation on GitHub - the Workflow of Open Source Crowdsourcing Translation with Github and OmegaT

Yaxing Li

Crowd translation allows people from all around the world to freely participate in translation projects. You can use GitHub (a provider of hosting for software development and version control using...

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Technical Writing

Sentiment analysis of technical writing and the language sector

Kevin De Coninck ,Dries Debackere

How do people feel about languages and the language sector in general and technical writing in particular? We can answer these questions by means of sentiment analysis. Based on the results, we can...

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Intelligent Information

Kickstarting the Digital Twin with iiRDS

Harald Stadlbauer

iiRDS is the standard that enables dynamic information request and delivery in the era of the Industrial Internet of Things, Industrie 4.0, and the context of Smart Factories. Please find more...

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Software Documentation

Documentation in the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe)

Monica Chis

Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) is an enterprise-scale development framework, developed by methodologist Dean Leffingwell. It uses a combination of existing lean and agile principles which are combined...

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Software Documentation

Defining the meaning of quality in documentation – a research recap

Jordan Stanchev

What is actually “high-quality documentation”? Does it mean you have no spelling mistakes? Or that the documentation is correct? Or something else? What do technical writers understand when they speak...

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Software Documentation

Product overviews vs. getting started tutorials - striking a balance between read-first and try-first user behaviors

Tom Johnson

This presentation focuses on balancing action with narration: How to find the right balance between action-oriented task writing and big picture narrative product overviews — both of which seem to be...

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Standards and Legislation

Let’s talk about the Machinery Regulation Draft - Panel Discussion

Tiziana Sicilia ,Alessandro Pratelli ,Paolo Antonio Tobaldo ,Dr. Claudia Klumpp ,Jens-Uwe Heuer James

Instructions in electronic form are technically possible, but in practice the unclear legal situation and market surveillance authorities stand in the way.

The European Commission published a first...

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Software Documentation

Moderne Software-Dokumentation

Prof. Dr. Gertrud Grünwied

Gertrud Grünwied gibt zu Beginn einen Überblick über Arten und Medien moderner Software-Dokumentation, User Assistance und App-Hilfen. Dann führt sie neue Konzepte der Nutzer-Einbindung bei Wikis,...

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