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The library contains recordings of our past webinars that you can watch at any time. This is a service exclusively for our members and you need to login to 'my tekom' to watch the recording.

Technical Writing

Single Sourcing - the Sequel

Frau steht vor Skyline und bedient intelligente Applikationen
Sarah O'Keefe

In this presentation, you'll learn about the promise of single sourcing--consistent output to a variety of channels from one content repository--and the challenges of this approach in today's complex...

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Technical Writing

People 4.0 – peer-to-peer work instructions in an Industry 4.0

Jorim Rademaker

While a lot of companies invest in the creation of work instructions, updating them is a pain, and in the end, they often remain unused. Instead, operators are turning to one another for guidance....

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User Experience

Connected content: the object-oriented way

Dimiter "Jimmy" Simov ,Ekaterina Mitova

We are all familiar with the task-based documentation approach. Writing about user tasks, however, is much better and easier when we understand the objects that users need to perform these tasks. We...

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Tools and Technologies

Videos for Writers: How-To

Iskren Asenov ,Dragomir Anachkov

The webinar “Videos for Writers: How-To” aims to inspire you to make videos. We'll share insights and tricks from our personal experience combined with some general tips on video creation. Our quirky...

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Technical Writing

Let's move tech writing to its proper position!

Thomas Bro-Rasmussen

“I guess we all acknowledge the importance of our field: technical writing. It's not that hard. We are the experts, we dig into seemingly impossible tasks to get the myriad of manuals out in time. In...

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Standards and Legislation

Developing Information for Use in 2020

Ferry Vermeulen

The year 2020 will be the year where two standards on user instructions (the EN ISO 20607 an EN IEC/IEEE 82079-1:2019) became part of the European standardisation network. Besides that, the new...

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Software Documentation

Software Quality Assurance Documentation and Software Testing Documentation

Monica Chis

Quality Assurance (QA) and Quality Control (QC) are 2 very important topics for any product and for any industry. The focus of this webinar is on creating documentation for Quality assurance and...

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Working from Home – Best Practices, Great Ideas and Security Tips

Paula Stern

In light of Coronavirus, many of us are working either completely or partially from home. Despite the many challenges this poses for both your company and your family, there are things you can do to...

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Technical Writing ,Career

COVID-19: The future of organisations and the future of technical communication

Ellis Pratt

The COVID-19 coronavirus is having a huge impact on people and organisations. With so many things that could be about to change, how should technical communicators respond? What’s your plan for the...

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Tools and Technologies

Tipps und Tricks mit Excel und Notepad++

Gerhard Glatz

Auch im Redaktionsalltag fallen immer wieder Aufgaben an, für die es keine Tool-Unterstützung von der Stange gibt.
In diesem Webinar zeige ich, wie diese Aufgaben mit Windows-Bordmitteln, dem freien...

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