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The ABC of technical writing for high quality and cost efficient translation

Anna Tellow ,Therese Allard


This webinar will bring some practical insights during the content creation process to facilitate consistency in quality and cost efficiencies in the translation process. Special focus will be placed on the importance of standardizing terminology.


starting time
07/10/20 | 11:00 clock
ending time
07/10/20 | 12:00 clock
Time zone
tekom Sweden
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Anna Tellow

Anna Tellow

Anna Tellow is a senior translator and reviewer, and technical writer, working for STAR Group since 2012. She has a background in teaching as well as the Gothenburg tourism industry. Anna´s favorite areas are marketing, automotive and machine tools, and she´s passionate about text and target audience analysis.

Therese Allard

Therese Allard

Therese Allard is a translator and language reviewer, working for STAR Group since 2017. She started her career in 2013 translating marketing material and has since expanded to include technical material. Therese´s favourite area is agriculture but she also enjoys a nice GDPR document. She is passionate about text and target audience analysis, and is delving more into the impact of terminology.