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    • technische kommunikation 6/2004

      Rachel Herwartz: Thinking Aloud About a Better Handbook

      The software manufacturer Lexware got users to test its product "Warenwirtschaft Pro 2004". The handbook and online help were primarily tested. The  [...]

    • technische kommunikation 4/2004

      Anne Lehrndorfer: Didactics and Motivation

      Life is about learning. Learning, remembering and putting the learned information to use are controlled by Motivation and Emotion: Motivation and  [...]

    • technische kommunikation 4/2004

      Veronika Rüther-Weiß: Safety with entertainment value

      One of the primary responsibilities of technical documentation is to ensure the safety and protection of users. But all too often users ignore safety  [...]

    • 2004

      Frank Thissen, Silke Wagener: Technische Redakteure in der Klemme

      Stronger user orientation, focusing on the essentials, a wider usage of pictures and better structuring, these are some of the requirements when it  [...]

    • 2004

      Carel Jansen: Totally dismissed, or carefully perused?

      Anyone involved in writing instruction manuals or usage instructions (user manuals and instructions for operation) has surely met with reactions  [...]

    • 2004

      Christian Brockstedt: What customers really want: To quickly use the new device

      In the area of consumer goods, a customer buys a new device to profit from the benefits (promised or hoped-for) as quickly as possible. Be it to  [...]

    • 2004

      Georg Eck: Accessibility

      "The power of the Web is in its universality. Access by everyone regardless of disability is an essential aspect." [W3C Director and inventor of the  [...]

    • technische kommunikation 6/2003

      Josef Schneeberger: Documentation through Goggles

      Virtual technical documentation, integrated into working overalls and data goggles, is still a pipedream. The corresponding technical devices are  [...]

    • technische kommunikation 2/2004

      Dirk Schmitz: User-Friendliness From the CAD-System

      ASM, DWG, DXF, IGS, PRT, STEP: these are some of the many CAD-Formats. Anyone using these formats as a basis for technical illustrations will soon  [...]

    • technische kommunikation 2/2003

      Tanja Brinkmann: User Information Essential for Living

      The German Law for Equal Rights to the Disabled (Behindertengleichstellungsgesetz, BGG) has been in force since May 2002. This law champions  [...]

    • technische Dokumentation 2/2003

      Ute Mitschke: Talking PDF

      Right since Version 4 of Adobe Acrobat, it has been possible to create structured PDF. Adobe has modified this output format in the current version.  [...]