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Software Tools

    • technische kommunikation 4/2004

      Gernot Sander: Across - all for translation?

      Nero is certainly the most popular application program by Ahead based in Karlsbad. The program is used by many to burn CDs. Ahead’s latest product  [...]

    • technische kommunikation 4/2004

      Jörg Rogge: Defense Forces adopt S 1000D

      Since 1999, the defense forces have had instructions to shift the “Technical Guidelines for Defense Materials” to digital formats. At the same time,  [...]

    • 2004

      Matthias Hattemer: Professional Documentation using Word

      Among technical authors, Microsoft Word has the reputation of not only being unsuitable as a tool for creating user manuals but also as being  [...]

    • 2004

      Ute Mitschke: Working with Book files in Adobe FrameMaker

      In FrameMaker you work on a Book file to manage several files as if they were a single large document. The FrameMaker Book offers you many additional  [...]

    • 2004

      Marcus Bollenbach: EDD based formatting in FrameMaker

      Today generating or editing XML files is no longer perceived as a problem while handling XML based Workflows. Most common database tools can output  [...]

    • 2004

      Dipl.-Ing. Ute Mitschke: Creating lists and directories in Adobe FrameMaker

      Generated files in FrameMaker happen by extracting the contents of documents and arranging these contents in alphabetical order, or in the order of  [...]

    • technische kommunikation 3/2004

      Dieter Gust: Inherited burdens still persist

      Well! The latest version of FrameMaker covers - just like before - the Asian market. But FrameMaker 7.1 is still anything but groundbreaking. The  [...]

    • 2004

      Ralf Geyer: Testing the usefulness of instructions through practical usability tests

      Errors in instructions such as errors in the description of handling procedures, poorly organized contents or even missing information frustrate the  [...]

    • Multilingual 1/2004

      Dena Bugel-Shunra: PDF Converter

      Latin-script languages. Windows 98SE/2000/Me/XP/NT4.0. www.scansoft.com. Download or CD format. [...]

    • technische kommunikation 4/2003

      Jasmin Franz und Martina Schermer: The Intelligent Search Engine

      Fast access to technical information is one of the prerequisites for a frictionless and efficient working method and, at the same time, it poses a  [...]

    • technische kommunikation 4/2003

      Klara Decker: Type setting system with no license costs

      LaTeX is the name of a type setting system that is suitable for the creation and design of technical documentation. Its big advantage: there are no  [...]

    • technische kommunikation 5/2003

      Ulrich Thiele: Initially it was the golf ball

      The development of the technical communication in the last 25 years also reflects the collective development of economically useful electronic data  [...]

    • technische kommunikation 2/2004

      Heike Streng und Robert Schäfer: Publishing CAD-data

      Using data from CAD-systems for illustrations in technical documentation is all but obvious. Electronic component catalogs or animated service  [...]