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    • tcworld 3/06/2006

      Peter Kreitmeier: From English to Cyrillic to Chinese

      The increasing number of languages that companies need to translate into requires careful planning when preparing translation projects. Thus, choosing  [...]

    • technische kommunikation 206/2006

      Maja Reimers: Technical Documentation for Europe: Belgium

      Belgians do not have a language of their own. But the country has three equivalent languages instead: the partition of the Dutch language zones has  [...]

    • 2005

      Ursula Wirtz: Technical Documentation in the enlarged EU: First round-up on the organisational, technical and economic impacts

      After the enlargement in May 2004, the EU has now 25 member states and 20 official languages (not taking into account 48 minority languages). What  [...]

    • 2005

      Angelika Zerfaß: LocKit – The Localization Kit

      What is a LocKit? <br />A localization project consists of many different project details. Who will be translating, proof-reading, testing how many  [...]

    • 2005

      Eric L. Reiss: Creating Business Value by Creating Valuable Experiences

      Every organization has business goals – from the local computer club to Microsoft. And they all have a story to tell – which they do via websites and  [...]

    • MulitiLingual Computing &amp; Technology 7/2005

      Eva Müller: Step-by-step Localization

      Steps in localization projects range from “what is to be localized,” “who performs the localization” and “monitoring the localization progress” to  [...]

    • MultiLingual Computing &amp; Technology 7/2005

      Monika Höge and Karina Martínez Ferber: Global Terminology Management as Today’s Challenge

      The business potential of shaping up the document life cycle has not been properly recognized by the management board for decades. Business  [...]

    • 2005

      Sophie Hurst: Turn Off The Tap: Limiting Word Wastage

      Sophie Hurst explains how, rather than leaving it all to the translators, authors can influence how their texts appear in other languages. [...]

    • 2005

      Kieran McBrien: Building a Case for Global E-learning

      As globalization of business continues at a rapid pace, employees are increasingly being asked to absorb and learn from materials that are not written  [...]

    • technische kommunikation 6/2005

      Andreas Bendig: The Customer as a Contributing Factor to Success

      In many industrial businesses, external translators take care of the translation and localisation of technical documentation. Careful preparation on  [...]

    • technische kommunikation 6/2005

      Ulrich Wachowius: Translation Management with System Support

      The time consuming and effort intensive execution of translation projects within companies has goaded some heads of establishments to think  [...]

    • technische kommunikation 6/2005

      Irene Ueberwolf: Ukrainian

      <strong>Language:</strong> Ukrainian (?????????? ????)<br /><strong>Speakers:</strong>Native tongue for nearly 31 million people, besides 16 million  [...]

    • MultiLingual Computing &amp; Technology 6/2005

      Christoph Niedermair: Word Games

      Without a doubt, delivering translation and localization services for the game and toy industries is more than child’s play. These days, with billions  [...]

    • technische kommunikation 5/2005

      Christian Féneyrol: The Direct Road

      Firms that export to the USA are faced with the challenge of having to deliver accompanying TD that meets the requirements of that country. This is  [...]

    • technische kommunikation 5/2005

      Tevfik Turan: Turkish Language

      Language: Turkish (Türkçe) <br />Spoken by: Mother tongue to about 60 million people <br />Official language in: The Republic of Turkey <br />ISO  [...]

    • MultiLingual Computing &amp; Technology 72/2005

      Tracy Russell: Get Ready to Go International

      There is an old joke in which a traveler stops to ask for directions. The old man scratches his head and says, “Well, if I were you, I wouldn’t start  [...]

    • Multilingual 16/1/2005

      Jerry Luther: A Guide for Evaluating Translation Options

      Many people are looking for a quick-start learning experience with translation as they begin to explore translation of product documents, websites and  [...]

    • Tagungsband 2004 FP 17/2004

      Angelika Zerfaß: SRX - The next Step after TMX

      TMX (Translation Memory eXchange), das Standardformat für den Datenaustausch zwischen Translation-Memory-Systemen, wird heute von allen Tools  [...]

    • Tagungsband 2004 FP 16/2004

      Susanne Murawski: More Cost Efficiency through Optimized Source Texts and Translation Workflows

      With the EU’s eastern expansion and the new markets in Asia, many companies are witnessing an increasing demand for translation. Technical  [...]

    • Tagungsband 2004 FP 12/2004

      Angelika Zerfaß: Case Study: Project for the Evaluation of Software Localization Tools

      A globally operating company with multiple development locations is currently conducting a project for the selection and introduction of software  [...]