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    • 2011

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      What’s new on our online magazine website?

      tcworld.info with benefit for readers

      Edgar Hellfritsch

      We have redesigned and completely revised tcworld.info, the English language online magazine for international information management, and adapted it to suit the requirements of the “social web”. This article describes the most important new features. [...]

    • 2009

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      International information management

      tcworld.info - overview of articles 2009


    • 2009

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      Japan Technical Communicators Association

      JTCA is strengthening tie-up with Europe

      Japan Technical Communicators Association (JTCA) is the largest organization of technical communicators in Asia. JTCA was established in 1992 and was inaugurated as a general incorporated foundation as of January 2009. Recently, JTCA and tekom has been working in partnership and inviting each other to the major conferences. Followings are JTCA’s activities. [...]

    • tcworld 2/2009

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      Know how people work

      Corinna Melville

      Nicolas Menoux is Chief Technical Officer and Vice President of Electronic Production at Notrefamille.com in France. As the main player on the online genealogy market in France, the company’s major outsourcing projects are related to extracting valuable data from key documents as well as producing efficient indexes to improve user experience in their queries. tcworld spoke to Mr. Menoux about the importance of quality in their outsourcing projects. [...]

    • tcworld 2/2009

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      Developing a custom-made translation management system

      TMS with a groupware flavor

      From 2002 to 2005, STAR Servicios Lingüísticos, a Barcelona-based localization vendor, developed from a single into a multilingual language vendor. In doing so, it faced some typical problems regarding the ever-growing complexity of translation management. Soon it became obvious that the existing tools were no longer sufficient for the job. Searching for the right Translation Management System, the company took a different approach. [...]

    • tcworld 1/2009

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      Moving toward machine interpretation

      Nataly Kelly

      Translation memory (TM), computer-assisted translation (CAT) and machine translation (MT) tools are widely used for text-based applications, but spoken language communication is largely neglected. Though many business communications employ speech as the primary mode of interaction, the status quo of current localization business models and technologies remains limited to written applications. However, emerging technologies enable spoken inter-language communication through TM leverage, terminology databases, and computer-assisted interpretation [...]

    • tcworld 6/2008

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      Report illuminates buyers’ views of translation quality

      For Global 2000 companies, it’s no longer enough to just convert information into another language – large-scale buyers of translation services are becoming more ambitious with their globalization plans and demanding a higher quality of service. This important finding is highlighted in the recent report “Buyer-Defined Translation Quality”, published by business globalization and language services industry research firm Common Sense Advisory. The publication zeroes in on quality from the perspective of large-scale buyers of translation s [...]

    • tcworld 6/2008

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      Spanish for local and global markets

      José Gambín and Igor Zubicaray

      In the translation and localization business we often come across the terms US Spanish and Latin American Spanish. Are there any differences between them? In what way do they differ from International Spanish and Neutral Spanish? Despite the slight variations that may occur in US Spanish, Latin American (LA) Spanish, International Spanish and Neutral Spanish, they all have one thing in common: none of them actually exist. [...]

    • tcworld 5/2008

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      Do different cultures have different navigation behavior?

      Click, cliquer, ??????? - Is clicking global?

      Martina Panzer

      Are cultural differences evident in online help system navigation? A study conducted by the Anhalt University of Applied Sciences, Germany, examines not only a cultural model, but also sheds light on the question whether navigation structures in online help systems need to be adapted to different cultures. [...]

    • tcworld 3/2008

      Independent commissioned study finds global businesses lose substantial market share when localization is not up-to-scratch

      Companies miss out on billions due to poor localization by global business

      Global businesses are losing market share worth as much as $1.6 billion per year, or $ 4.7 billion over three years, by failing to localize product information. A study of six Global Information Management customers, carried out by the independent technology and market research company Forrester Consulting and commissioned by SDL, found that properly localized information is a source of competitive advantage when launching products or services across global markets. [...]

    • tcworld 3/2008

      Chinese localization suppliers face new challenges

      The tremendous growth of the Chinese economy has brought huge business opportunities to the Chinese translation and localization sector, says Beijing  [...]

    • tcworld 3/2008

      John Watkins: Preparing projects for localized desktop publishing

      If you search the web for guidelines for preparing projects for localization, you will find that most of the results focus on issues related to  [...]

    • tcworld 2/2008

      Jenny Zhan: Tapping into Chinese culture

      With continued double-digit economic growth, China is becoming ever more attractive for many people in the West. But what exactly makes the nation so  [...]

    • tcworld 2/2008

      Jessica Roland: Act small, globalize big

      Many international companies today are faced with the need to globalize maximum amounts of content, but with minimum resources. There is so much  [...]

    • tcworld 2/2008

      Corinna Ritter: “Marketing and sales activities need latitude to adapt to local customs”

      In August 2005 MultiLing Corporation president and CEO Michael Sneddon moved his family from the United States to Germany. Lacking any German language  [...]

    • technische kommunikation 1/2008

      Daniel Zielinski und Andreas Otto: TYPO3 – Localising web sites

      TYPO3 has been enjoying increasing popularity recently. The localisation and translation of TYPO3-content, however, is proving to be a huge challenge  [...]

    • MultiLingual 7/2007

      Getting started in localization

      Getting started in localization can sometimes be as simple as asking, “Where do I find a person who speaks XYZ language?” In other cases, online  [...]

    • Technische Kommunikation für Europa


    • Multilingual 8/2008

      Rakesh Kumar: Localization - an Indian perspective

      The list of languages spoken among different groups of people in India is quite long. Out of these, the Indian constitution recognizes 22 languages as  [...]

    • technische kommunikation 6/2007

      Francisco Ludovice-Moreira: Technical communication for Europe: Portuguese