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Managing Teams

    • technische kommunikation 4/2006 4/2006/2006

      Ralf Haldimann: What customers really want…

      It is a technical editor’s job to provide the users with a tool to use a product safely and efficiently. Similar to any other tool, this tool should  [...]

    • technische kommunikation 6/2005

      Marc Achtelig: Change of Perspective Needed

      Most people who are in charge of TD have a technical background. No wonder that they look to technology for solving their cost problems: databases,  [...]

    • technische kommunikation 6/2005

      Peter Oehmig: How You Can Get Your Money’s Worth

      About 5 years ago an article on the topic "Expenses in Technical Documentation" appeared for the first time in ’technical communication‘. Now, 5  [...]

    • MultiLingual Computing & Technology 6/2005

      Serge Gladkoff: Fundamentals of Pricing Strategy

      How much can I ask for it?” That is the question. A reasonable buyer would not offer the highest possible bid in an auction. A reasonable seller of  [...]

    • MultiLingual Computing & Technology 6/2005

      Renato Beninatto and Donald A. DePalma: Language Industry Focuses on Life After Consolidation

      In any business with more than a few suppliers, it’s hard to stand out. Paper companies spend enormous sums convincing you that their facial tissue or  [...]

    • Newsletter Print 2/2005

      Christian Féneyrol und Felix Ried: Increasing Efficiency of Multi-Lingual Communication

      Interactions between TMS, CMS and workflow result in advantages that affect the entire information life-cycle. The advantages manifest themselves in  [...]

    • Newsletter Print 2/2005

      Christoph Altenhofen: From Document Management to Strategic Content Management

      If we consider the requirements of systems for supporting editorial work in technical communication, it can be established that there is a big  [...]

    • Newsletter Print 2/2005

      Wolfgang Ziegler: Requirements of Content Management Systems: Definition According to Need

      In all companies, the requirements of an editorial system are worked out individually from the analysis of existing functioning and the definition of  [...]

    • technische kommunikation 4/2005

      Tanja Sieber: Cloned Test Procedures

      The GM Europe GmbH is involved in the development of diagnostic software and test procedures for the non-American sector of General Motors. Test  [...]

    • technische kommunikation 4/2005

      Elisabeth Weise: Steps For Efficient Software Documentation

      A well devised documentation process contributes a lot to the quality of software documentation and online help. But, in numerous companies such a  [...]

    • 2005

      Michael Fritz und Daniela Straub: Content Management Systems in the Lead

      Companies that have managed to survive the recent economic downturn did so by increasing their productivity, especially through process optimization  [...]

    • technische kommunikation 3/2005

      Wolfgang Ziegler: Five Methods For Refined Work

      The advent of modular, single source publishing in technical documentation does not automatically solve the problem of version management. Before  [...]

    • technische kommunikation 3/2005

      Tilo Ried: Spare Parts Management At The Source

      High quality spare parts documentation that is always up-to-date and optimal in usability is an important component of successful after sales and  [...]

    • technische kommunikation 3/2005

      Daniela Straub: Person to Person

      Technical Documentation departments ride the horns of dilemma: They are forced to run after information that should actually be handed to them in the  [...]

    • technische kommunikation 2/2005

      Bernhard Heiny und Rüdiger Tillmann: Doing Things The Multimodal Way

      It is capable of running at speeds greater than 300 miles an hour, can jump over obstacles and can say: “K.I.T.T.”, the wonder car from the movie  [...]

    • Tagungsband 2004 FP 14/2004

      Matthias Caesar und Irmhild Wojak: Achieving Goals using Performance Management in Localization Companies or Departments

      A highly efficient and action ready team with a keen interest in work, should not be left to chance but should be the management’s defined goal.  [...]

    • Tagungsband 2004 FV 3/2004

      Christof Schalhorn: “How Do You Document Then Your Documentation?”

      What is Docu-Docu? <br />“Docu-Docu“ means documentation of technical documentation. Docu-Docu becomes necessary mainly where extensive handbooks and  [...]

    • Tagungsband 2004 WS 1/2004

      Daniela Straub: Reducing inefficiencies in the flow of information across the person-to person interface

      Wherever process oriented improvements are involved, they usually adopt a DP-oriented approach. The potential for optimizing the person-to-person  [...]

    • technische kommunikation 1/2005

      Jochen Schwarze: A Survival Strategy for Documents

      A comprehensive security analysis of technical documentation could fill volumes. For this reason, the focus of this article is security in terms of  [...]

    • technische kommunikation 1/2005

      Ulrich Thiele: Protecting, Backing-up, Archiving

      It was not very long ago that people smiled patronizingly at anyone who had serious doubts about the safety and durability of electronically created  [...]