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Managing Teams

    • tcworld 2/2009

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      Deep culture

      The multiculturalist - beyond one single perspective

      Joseph Shaules

      Years before he burst onto the American political scene with a speech at the Democratic National Convention in 2000, Barack Obama came to the attention of Janet Bennett, the director of the Intercultural Communication Institute in Portland, Oregon. Ms. Bennett is an expert on “integrated marginals” – people who, through their experiences living in different cultural communities, find a way to manage diversity and work across borders exceptionally well. [...]

    • tcworld 1/2009

      Focus: Sharing knowledge across borders

      Promoting corporate values internationally

      Ramesh Ramamurthy

      As companies have their offices spread across more and more geographic locations and a large scale of employees working in different countries, it becomes even harder to represent a single organization as one unique entity. The key lies in raising awareness for the company’s vision and mission as well as equipping staff in all locations with the latest technologies. Advancements in communication technology have led to a deeper focus on knowledge management activities – benefiting both the organization and the individual. [...]

    • tcworld 6/2008

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      IAOP announces The 2009 Global Outsourcing 100

      The International Association of Outsourcing Professionals (IAOP) has announced the launch of The 2009 Global Outsourcing 100, its fourth annual ranking of the world’s best outsourcing service providers. As part of The Global Outsourcing 100, IAOP is also introducing a new list, the World’s Best Outsourcing Advisors. [...]

    • tcworld 6/2008

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      Language and localization industry shows robust growth

      James Hollan

      As the 2008 tcworld conference and Trade Fair gets underway in Wiesbaden, fear and uncertainty cloud the global economy. But one industry heavily represented at the conference is bucking the trend, showing signs of strong growth that is expected to continue for years to come. [...]

    • tcworld 6/2008

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      Intercultural management at Škoda Auto

      Lenka Bila

      The merger of Škoda Auto and Volkswagen AG in 1991 compelled the tradition-bound Czech company for the first time to face the challenges of internationalization. Today Škoda is the largest industrial undertaking in the Czech Republic as the company sells its products in 100 countries worldwide. The Joint Venture with VW is regarded by the company as a successful marriage between the systematic, methodical and dependable approach of the Germans and the creative, improvising and proficient disposition of the Czechs. [...]

    • tcworld 5/2008

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      East meets West: Negotiating interculturally

      Dr. Elena Groznaya

      Along with the prospects of success and benefits, negotiations in any business environment bear definite risks. They require thorough preparation, patience, time, and flexibility. Negotiating with people from different cultures might sometimes feel like sitting at a poker table, with all participants following their own rules, which remain mysterious for the rest. The result of this game is obvious: Pretty soon, both parties will be frustrated and confused. [...]

    • tcworld 5/2008

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      Outsourcing - buying a service or contracting a relationship?

      Corinna Ritter

      Improving your performance, using your in-house resources more profitably, staying focused on your core business, accelerating time-to-market and decreasing costs – the benefits of outsourcing sound very promising. But how can you jump on the bandwagon of outsourcing? Between Russia and India, Dubai and Vietnam – where do you find your outsourcing provider? And how can you trust that the provider will help you achieve the promised benefits? tcworld investigated. [...]

    • tcworld 4/2008

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      The deep culture of Japanese Values

      Joseph Shaules

      Some visitors to Japan are disappointed. The images on tourist posters – the graceful curves of a temple, the enigmatic smile of the geisha – are hard to find in this industrialized, high-tech, post-modern society. “Westernization” is everywhere. Geishas and Samurais do not walk among the skyscrapers of the Shinjuku district in Tokyo. For foreigners doing business in Japan this perception gap can be a challenge. [...]

    • tcworld 4/2008

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      Mauritius – an international business hub

      Devi Kencki

      Crystal-clear waters, splendid white beaches and luxurious ressorts – these are usually the things associated with Mauritius. Far away from the world’s major markets and sources, the island nation in the Indian Ocean seems more of a touristic center of recreation than an international business hub. In recent years, however, Mauritius has come a long way in implementing its vision: transforming the island into a regional hub for information and communication technology (ICT). [...]

    • tcworld 3/2008

      Economic slowdown in the US to accelerate offshoring of IT services

      In a recently published report, IT research company Gartner said that the current US economic slowdown will lead buyers of IT services to consider increasing the percentage of their labor in offshore, lower-cost locations. India will remain the dominant location for IT offshore services for North American and European buyers as a result of its scale, quality of resources and strong presence of local and traditional service providers. [...]

    • tcworld 3/2008

      Alfredo Spagna: The language side of Iceland

      Most people think of Iceland as the small island between Europe and the American continent, full of wild nature and ice. What many people don’t know  [...]

    • tcworld 3/2008

      Serge Gladkoff: Russian translations: now open for business

      History shows that it is difficult to make anything but very short term economic predictions. People tend to extrapolate observations of the past into  [...]

    • tcworld 3/2008

      Tom Edwards: Holidays for every occasion

      At the time I’m writing this column, it’s that “happy” time in the United States between the Thanksgiving holiday in late November (the fourth  [...]

    • tcworld 2/2008

      Cecilia Piaggio: A is for Argentina

      When asked to name the hot IT outsourcing locations today, most of us wouldn’t be pressed too hard to rattle off a list that includes India, Eastern  [...]

    • tcworld 1/2008

      Kirstie Edwards: Analyzing e-mails to improve virtual team management

      There are two main factors which affect the success of a team project: the team’s competency to achieve the project goal by means of the combined  [...]

    • MultiLingual 5/2007

      Colleen Garton: Managing communication and politics on virtual teams

      One of the biggest differences between traditional and virtual management is in the way we communicate with one another. Experts agree that over 80  [...]

    • technische kommunikation 4/2007

      Daniela Straub: Balance-taking for a management method

      How can we improve Technical Documentation? How can we instil more efficiency and process optimisation into Technical Editing? What can we change?  [...]

    • technische kommunikation 3/2007

      Susanne Murawski: Competence centre with a future

      Technical communication is going through a radical change. The CMS-sector promises significant savings through the use of an authoring system. 30 to  [...]

    • Multilingual 1/2007

      Huiping Iler: Business metrics for language companies

      When it comes to running a business, no one will deny that passion is a good thing, but passion alone does not make a successful business. Cold, hard  [...]

    • technische kommunikation 4/2006/2006

      Jens-Uwe Heuer: Drafting contracts

      "I downloaded the contract from the Internet“ - this is what lawyers get to hear often. It betrays the fact how unsuspectingly some managers and  [...]