Information Development

    • tcworld 2/2009

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      Introducing controlled language

      Controlled language - does my company need it?

      Uwe Muegge

      Controlled languages use basis writing rules to simplify sentence structure. Here is how they work and how your company can benefit from introducing a controlled language. [...]

    • tcworld 2/2009

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      Quality management in technical documentation

      Comprehensibility as an economic factor

      Angelika Eybe and David Messelken

      How can you guarantee a clearly understandable user manual? Is it even possible to measure the quality of technical documents or does comprehensibility merely depend on the reader? To answer these questions for the Porsche AG, content analysis provider semiotis3 developed a model to help measure the quality of documents. [...]

    • tcworld 1/2009

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      tcworld conference 2008: More visitors than ever

      Ursula Wirtz

      From November 5th to 7th, 2008, the protagonists from the fields of technical communication and information management gathered in Wiesbaden, Germany for the tcworld conference, the tekom Annual Conference and Trade Fair 2008. The total number of conference attendees and visitors to the exhibition amounted to 3,300, marking an impressive increase by 20 percent in comparison to last year (2,750 participants). More than 170 presentations, panels, tutorials and workshops as well as 132 exhibitors and 179 speakers marked another record. [...]

    • tcworld 1/2009

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      Establishing a digital library of Dutch literature

      Sameer Raina

      Erasmus and Anne Frank in Bits and Bytes? In an ambitious attempt to preserve almost a millennium of literature and making it available to the greater public, the Digital Library for Dutch Literature and its Philippines- based digitization partner SPi Technologies are collaborating to build one of the largest online repositories of Dutch literature. [...]

    • 2008

      Linear vs. dynamic process model

      The cathedral and the bazaar

      Martin E. Brüggemann und Tanja Sieber

      Besides handling the current processes, cooperation on time-bound projects is also a part of day-to-day technical communication. The project content could be the introduction of an authoring system, for instance, or a new authoring process. In many projects, experts from service provider companies are also called in to accompany the projects. [...]

    • technische kommunikation 5/2008

      Key performance indicators for technical documentation

      Key performance indicators with system

      Daniela Straub und Michael Fritz

      Are we still in planning? Who will complete which orders and by when? And what are the costs incurred? Are the quality specifications correct – as in all other management levels, those responsible for technical documentation also face the challenge of efficiently managing their own resources and external service providers. At the same time, what targets can be achieved in what time needs to be reported to the management. Reliable analysis tools, which will help the TD-official obtain an overview and achieve key performance indicators, are the [...]

    • technische kommunikation 6/2007

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      Application of ontology in product development

      Intelligent products find their errors themselves

      Tanja Sieber und Willy Chen

      Ontologien – formale Wissensrepräsentationen – ebnen den Weg zu einer effizienteren, intelligenten Erstellung, Verwendung und Wiederverwendung Technischer Dokumentation. Dies betrifft nicht nur externe Dokumentation, sondern greift zunehmend in den kollaborativen Entwicklungsprozess von Produkt und Service ein. Optimierte ontologiebasierte Zugriffs- und Weiterverwendungsszenarien externer Dokumente sind daher ebenso im Fokus von Ontologie-Anwendungen wie eine optimierte Verarbeitung interner Dokumente, beispielsweise Anforderungsspezifikat [...]

    • tcworld 3/2007

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      Auditing your documentation for internationalization issues

      M. Katherine Brown

      Many companies could save 20 percent or even more in localization costs by internationalizing their product, processes and source documentation and better integrating the needs of localization into the development cycle. Before you start removing obstacles to localization in the source documents, it is helpful to conduct an audit of your current documentation and processes and set a baseline for the internationalization effort. [...]

    • technische kommunikation 3/2007

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      Knowledge management with Social Software

      From the coffee machine chat to Web 2.0

      Wolfgang Beinhauer

      The buzzword “Web 2.0” is home to all kinds of novel services, technologies and design trends that are gaining ground and experiencing growing popularity in the Web recently. Not many took it seriously in the beginning; it was considered rather a pastime of hobby enthusiasts and Internet-buffs, but Web 2.0-applications are finding their way into more and more companies. And sometimes, they even form the basis for the business model for new Internet firms. [...]

    • technische kommunikation 29/2007

      Instrument for enterprise-wide knowledge management

      TWiki for lively learning

      Kadia Meckes und Jürgen Metz

      Reduced product life cycles, increased requirements arising from a globalised working environment and serious demographic changes are forcing companies to think seriously about the preservation and distribution of their knowledge. They have come to the realisation that knowledge as a production factor increases the chances of survival in globalised markets. This is equally true for companies with global operations, as well as for small and medium sized enterprises (SME). Of course, the two categories have different priorities and preferences wi [...]

    • MultiLingual 1/2007

      Garry Levitt: Toward a cleaner information environment

      According to the independent market intelligence providers, IDC, the worldwide translation/globalization tools market is set to grow from US$187  [...]

    • technische kommunikation 2/2007

      Torsten Machert: Divide and conquer!

      A better and more focused approach to the client leads to a bigger need for efficient variant management in technical documentation. It is not merely  [...]

    • 2006

      Prof. Sissi Closs, Markus Abt: Successful DITA Implementation

      In the past year, DITA has become a well-recognized subject here in Germany. DITA (Darwin Information Typing Architecture) is an XMLbased information  [...]

    • technische kommunikation 1/2007

      Gerhard Kirchner: PDM – many ways of using it

      Product data management deals with all the essential product information, ranging from development to disposal. In addition to this, it also deals  [...]

    • technische kommunikation 1/2007

      Christoph Schmolz: Individualised catalogue system for spare parts

      Electronic catalogue systems have already evolved into an important part of product documentation, and are used for providing up to date and  [...]

    • technische kommunikation 6/2006

      Uwe Hentschel: Goodbye Offset!

      Whatever offset printing cannot achieve makes digital printing that much more attractive: smallest of printing volumes at attractive prices,  [...]

    • technische kommunikation 5/2006

      Gerhard Kirchner: Not just for the big companies

      Extensive database supported product information constitutes a decisive competitive advantage throughout the sector. That is why Product Data  [...]

    • technische kommunikation 4/2006/2006

      Martin Ley: Aspects of structuring information

      Even editing or content management systems cannot deceive us: Ultimately the readers can only decide about the quality of an information product.  [...]

    • technische kommunikation 4/2006/2006

      Uwe Hentschel: Two worlds that are yet strangers to each other

      No one, it is said, knows a company and its products better than the customers. What is part of day-to-day work in the area of Customer Relationship  [...]

    • technische kommunikation 3/06/2006

      Steffen-Peter Ballstaedt: Mere visual stimulation or better clarity?

      Digitalisation has revolutionised the creation and editing of graphics, and ushered in new forms of technical communication on the visual plane. In  [...]