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Technical Articles

Here you will find professional articles that have been published in the magazine Opens internal link in current window'technische kommunikation', in the Opens external link in new windowtcworld magazine or in other tekom publications since 1999. Anyone can search the article archive. But only tekom members can read entire articles. You will need your tekom membership number to register.


  • tk 2/06 2/06/2006

    Hans Holger Rath: Standards with a future

    About ten years ago, a handful of highly specialised consultants were trying with missionary zeal to establish SGML as the basic format in technical  [...]

  • technische kommunikation 206/2006

    Maja Reimers: Technical Documentation for Europe: Belgium

    Belgians do not have a language of their own. But the country has three equivalent languages instead: the partition of the Dutch language zones has  [...]

  • tk 206/2006

    Martin Galbierz: New guidelines for documentation of plants

    The DIN committee NA 152-06-01-05 UA, formerly called the NATG-F 1.5, has published a guideline for compiling information from component manuals, in  [...]

  • technische kommunikation 206/2006

    Tanja Sieber und Wolfgang Bartz: I know what you mean!

    According to experts, the Semantic Web, an enhancement of the conventional web, is paving the way for new functionalities in future, web-based  [...]

  • technische kommunikation 2/06/2006

    Peter Oehmig: Better structuring and designing

    There is something to be learnt from the way a good architect works: before beginning with the planning, he takes a look at the site and the future  [...]

  • technische kommunikation 206/2006

    Gregor Schäfer: From a wasteland of words to Corporate Language

    In recent years, the subject of terminology and its significance to technical documentation has gained importance. Training and education are paying  [...]

  • technische kommunikation 206/2006

    Dr. Markus Nickl: Practical tips for language: the ladder to the top

    Thank God, we the Technical Editors are spared of one worry which our colleagues from journalism generally have: In our work we need not pay “so much”  [...]

  • tk 206/2006

    Gabriele Schicht und Gertrud Grünwied: Ten questions on Vista-help

    Microsoft has announced a new operating system: Windows Vista. Beta testing is already underway; delivery is planned for the end of 2006. Things are  [...]

  • tk 206/tk 2006

    Dieter Gust: Practical tips for FrameMaker 7.2 – Is the update worth the trouble?

    Towards the end of 2005, Adobe released the version 7.2 of FrameMaker to the market. Adobe’s official product details on their WebPages [1]  [...]

  • technische kommunikation 2/06/2006

    Von Jörg Oyen: A change of generation in DTP?

    With InDesign Adobe has introduced a new generation of DTP tools to the market and, probably, sounded the warning for PageMaker to move over. Many  [...]

  • tk 1/06 1/2006

    Kai Bohn: Recognising and documenting risks

    The highest goal of engineering is to protect the operator at the machine. Public institutions have instituted standards and guidelines for analysing  [...]

  • tk 1/06 1/2006

    Matthias Honnacker: Occupational health and safety laws today

    The state and the government, as we understand, are responsible for the safety security of the citizens. The state and its organs understand this as a  [...]

  • tk 1/06 1/2006

    Roland Schmeling: Caution – warning ahead!

    Safety and warning notices form the most important elements of user information wherever safety and [product liability are concerned. A carefully  [...]

  • tk 1/2006 1/2006

    Reiner Schlenker: Rescue from the spate of modules

    How many modules can an authoring system take? Or, more importantly, how many can the user stomach? What is the ideal size for a module? These are  [...]

  • tk 1/06 1/2006

    Rachel Herwartz: Free Terminology Management – the better alternative?

    In projects like "Wikipedia", collaborative work also necessitates a common language. This was one of the reasons why a "Wiktionary" or a  [...]

  • 2005

    Ursula Wirtz: Technical Documentation in the enlarged EU: First round-up on the organisational, technical and economic impacts

    After the enlargement in May 2004, the EU has now 25 member states and 20 official languages (not taking into account 48 minority languages). What  [...]

  • 2005

    Kaisa Kostiainen: Defining the CMS Requirements

    More and more companies have started viewing product documentation as a valuable information asset that can drive profits and productivity. In order  [...]

  • 2005

    Hans Friedrich Witschel: Structuring Document Collections

    The efficient and automatic structuring of large document collections can be of great importance in various contexts: many problems in information  [...]

  • 2005

    Susan Thomas: The Role of Terminology Databases in Inter-operability

    Inter-operability as a problem of document translation<br />Inter-operability is defined as “the ability of two or more systems or components to  [...]

  • 2005

    John Ketchell: Towards Harmonisation of Skills Development - The Role of European Standardization

    Information and Communications Technology (ICT) is one of the most dynamic sectors of the EU economy. ICT developments are driving and enabling  [...]