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Technical Articles

Here you will find professional articles that have been published in the magazine Opens internal link in current window'technische kommunikation', in the Opens external link in new windowtcworld magazine or in other tekom publications since 1999. Anyone can search the article archive. But only tekom members can read entire articles. You will need your tekom membership number to register.


  • technische kommunikation 5/2004

    Edgar Hellfritsch, Edith Parzefall und Thomas Schraitle: Help for the Penguin

    The open source operating system Linux is gaining in importance in the Desktop-domain. It is considered to be secure, stable and cheap. More and more  [...]

  • technische kommunikation 5/2004

    Holger Matthes: All That Can Be Done With TOC

    The automatic generation of a table of contents forms part of the basic set of tools in any text processor. Even in older versions of Microsoft Word,  [...]

  • technische kommunikation 5/2004

    Dieter Gust: Managing templates

    FrameMaker templates are FrameMaker documents, which can be used as a basis to format other documents. But not all formatting can be transferred, only  [...]

  • technische kommunikation 5/2004

    Uwe Hentschel: Man to machine - Machine to man

    The story of the genesis of computer screens is characterized by an interdisciplinary mix of ideas. With the first "Personal Computer (PC)" as the  [...]

  • technische kommunikation 5/2004

    Angelika Zerfaß: Five Tools For Software Localisation

    The term localization or L10N - coined from the initial letter L + 10 letters + n - comes from the word "locale". The term is used to describe a  [...]

  • technische kommunikation 5/2004

    Zivilë Müller: Lithuanian

    Language: Lithuanian (lietuviø kalba) Speakers: native tongue for 80% (approx. 2.9 million) of the 3.5 million inhabitants of Lithuania. Official  [...]

  • technische kommunikation 5/2004

    Markus Nickl: The Long and Short of it

    "Write short sentences" is what many a new entrant into the editorial profession gets to hear often from the seniors. Many still consider the sentence  [...]

  • technische kommunikation 4/2004

    Gernot Sander: Across - all for translation?

    Nero is certainly the most popular application program by Ahead based in Karlsbad. The program is used by many to burn CDs. Ahead’s latest product  [...]

  • technische kommunikation 4/2004

    Tilo Ried: Supplier documentation – an unresolved task?

    Regardless of the branch of industry, no manufacturer can do without suppliers. Any level of the complexity that goes beyond simple standardized  [...]

  • technische kommunikation 4/2004

    Martina Fischer: Slovak

    Language: Slovak (slovensk+ jazyk; slovenèina) Speakers: Mother tongue for approximately 5 Million people in the Slovak republic Official language  [...]

  • technische kommunikation 4/2004

    Jörg Rogge: Defense Forces adopt S 1000D

    Since 1999, the defense forces have had instructions to shift the “Technical Guidelines for Defense Materials” to digital formats. At the same time,  [...]

  • technische kommunikation 4/2004

    Marc Achtelig: Information Layering: Providing need-based information

    When you read this paragraph, you are already right in the heart of “Information Layering”. Your need: to find out if it is worth your while to read  [...]

  • technische kommunikation 4/2004

    Anne Lehrndorfer: Didactics and Motivation

    Life is about learning. Learning, remembering and putting the learned information to use are controlled by Motivation and Emotion: Motivation and  [...]

  • technische kommunikation 4/2004

    Veronika Rüther-Weiß: Safety with entertainment value

    One of the primary responsibilities of technical documentation is to ensure the safety and protection of users. But all too often users ignore safety  [...]

  • 2003

    Jens-Uwe Heuer: Current developments in product safety laws

    For a relatively long period of time, so-called product safety laws did not cause much of a stir. Nevertheless, these laws are of great practical  [...]

  • technische kommunikation 3/2004

    Xiaoqing Zheng: With CCC in the Middle Kingdom

    Since the beginning of August 2003, China stipulates the new uniform certification according to CCC guidelines. The start was originally planned for  [...]

  • 2004

    László Reha: Technical translations and localization in Hungary

    These were the developments that had taken place by May 2004: Ten more countries joined the European Union. For the participants at the spring session  [...]

  • 2004

    Matthias Hattemer: Professional Documentation using Word

    Among technical authors, Microsoft Word has the reputation of not only being unsuitable as a tool for creating user manuals but also as being  [...]

  • 2004

    Holger Oortmann: The user survey as a basis for developing a system for controls and operation

    The design of systems and products fit for use by humans will play a key role in future technical design, and will be more and more significant as a  [...]

  • 2004

    Alexander Drewes: Content of the regulations of the equality law for disabled German citizens

    With the creation of the equality law for disabled persons (BGG) which came into effect on 01 May 2002, the current ruling coalition in Berlin  [...]