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Technical Articles

Here you will find professional articles that have been published in the magazine Opens internal link in current window'technische kommunikation', in the Opens external link in new windowtcworld magazine or in other tekom publications since 1999. Anyone can search the article archive. But only tekom members can read entire articles. You will need your tekom membership number to register.


  • Tagungsband 2004 FP 58/2004

    Ursula Fähndrich: Terminology Support in Translation Projects

    Terminology work usually serves a larger purpose, such as a more efficient communication between business partners, a uniform corporate image,  [...]

  • Tagungsband 2005 PP 16/2004

    Sybille Horend und Stefan Geißler: Automatic Editing of Terminology Data in Project DAiSY at DaimlerChrysler

    Every Technical Editor has had to deal, at one point or the other during his work, with the question of an appropriate term or the search for it. Also  [...]

  • Tagungsband 2004 WS 7/2004

    Barbara Soukup: On the Art of Getting Noticed

    We are all well aware of the glossy magazines with displays on both pages, in which bored-looking models look at the camera and try to charge us up  [...]

  • Tagungsband 2004 FV 11/2004

    Stephan Greisinger: What Users (Ought to) Know

    Technical products in the domain of investment products are often just a means to an end - means that are employed by the users to perform highly  [...]

  • Tagungsband 2004 FV 10/2004

    Martin Koldau: Relieving Sentences of their Ballast

    Anyone who has to read through technical documentation wants to have it short and to the point. Those writing it or proofreading it should therefore  [...]

  • Tagungsband 2004 FP 63/2004

    Ursula Reuther: Technical Linguistic Support in the Documentation Process - Who Stands to Benefit from it?

    Many technical linguistic applications, capable of supporting authors, reviewers, editors and terminologists in their work, are available today in the  [...]

  • technische kommunikation FP 57/2004

    Jasmin Franz und Franz Weber: One Terminology Database = Three Applications

    The highly individual character of technical writing in companies apart, it might be safely assumed that the work processes of creation, authoring,  [...]

  • technische kommunikation FP 56/2004

    Felix Mayer: The New Terminology Databases - Online Instead of Offline

    Today, computer-aided terminology management can look back on a history of almost forty years. The first attempts began in the sixties of the last  [...]

  • 2004

    François Massion: Practical Ways to Your Own Corporate Terminology

    There is no need to be exclusive all the time. Those with no time, and a small or non-existent budget for terminology work need not necessarily do  [...]

  • Tagungsband 2004 FV 13/2004

    Martin Jung: Sloppiness or Modern Use of Language

    Technical writers reach all to gladly for the red pen to strike out errors – preferably in texts written by other colleagues in the profession. But  [...]

  • Tagungsband 2004 FV 5/2004

    Jens-Uwe Heuer: Legal Aspects of Technical Standards and the Organization’s Legal Accountability for Technical Documentation

    Our times today necessitate awareness for safety in all walks of life. This is particularly imperative for providing security against legal risks.  [...]

  • Tagungsband 2004 FV 66/2004

    Carl-Heinz Gabriel: The New tekom Guideline for Safety Instructions in Operating Manuals

    The EU directive 92/58/EWG of 24th June 1992 clearly defines the notification on occupational Safety and Health Safeguards. In Germany, this has been  [...]

  • Tagungsband 2004 FV 7/2004

    Roland Schmeling: ANSI, ISO or Something Else?

    Warning messages alert us against a hazard that may be triggered by a product when being used in a given situation. However, it can be contained by  [...]

  • Tagungsband 2004 FP 4/2004

    Elke Grundmann: Fit for Microsoft

    "Longhorn" is the code name for the new generation of Microsoft operating systems which are expected to be introduced as a beta version in 2005 and in  [...]

  • Tagungsband 2004 FP 7/2004

    Marc Achtelig: Re-designing rusty help texts

    Every author of help texts will probably encounter this problem sooner or later: when a new version of a software is released, even the corresponding  [...]

  • Tagungsband 2004 FP 2/2004

    Günter Starkmann: Modern Ways of Presenting Information in Online Help Systems

    Given the increasing complexity of programs, online help systems can be of help to the user only if the information can be represented in a form that  [...]

  • Tagungsband 2004 FP 3/2004

    Jörg Ertelt: Working in Teams With RoboHelp HTML X5

    RoboHelp-Office X5 is available as of September 2004. RoboHelp-Office X5 includes RoboHelp for Word, RoboHelp HTML and RoboSource Control. RoboSource  [...]

  • Multilingual 15 / 8/2004

    Nancy A. Locke: The Kurdish Language in Turkey

    Since the collapse of the Ottoman Empire, the quest for a coherent national identity has defined Turkey (formerly Anatolia). Eight decades later, no  [...]

  • technische kommunikation 3/2004

    Zsuzsanna Stüven: Hungarian

    Language: Hungarian (magyar nyelv) <br />Speakers: Native tongue of nearly 10 million people <br />Official language in: Republic Hungary <br />ISO  [...]

  • technische kommunikation 6/2004

    Dace Edere: Latvian

    Language: Latvian (latvie+u valoda) <br />Speakers: native tongue for 1.5 million people worldwide (which includes 1.38 million, i.e. 58% of the 2.3  [...]