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Technical Articles

Here you will find professional articles that have been published in the magazine Opens internal link in current window'technische kommunikation', in the Opens external link in new windowtcworld magazine or in other tekom publications since 1999. Anyone can search the article archive. But only tekom members can read entire articles. You will need your tekom membership number to register.


  • tcworld 3/2008

    Tom Edwards: Holidays for every occasion

    At the time I’m writing this column, it’s that “happy” time in the United States between the Thanksgiving holiday in late November (the fourth  [...]

  • tcworld 3/2008

    Chantal Bialek and Robert Gibson (interviewed by tcworld): Integrating cultures

    The contract has been signed, the deal is done. Time to see the results of this cross-cultural acquisition. But while the business deal is closed, the  [...]

  • tcworld 2/2008

    Jenny Zhan: Tapping into Chinese culture

    With continued double-digit economic growth, China is becoming ever more attractive for many people in the West. But what exactly makes the nation so  [...]

  • tcworld 2/2008

    Jessica Roland: Act small, globalize big

    Many international companies today are faced with the need to globalize maximum amounts of content, but with minimum resources. There is so much  [...]

  • tcworld 2/2008

    Corinna Ritter: “Marketing and sales activities need latitude to adapt to local customs”

    In August 2005 MultiLing Corporation president and CEO Michael Sneddon moved his family from the United States to Germany. Lacking any German language  [...]

  • tcworld 2/2008

    Cecilia Piaggio: A is for Argentina

    When asked to name the hot IT outsourcing locations today, most of us wouldn’t be pressed too hard to rattle off a list that includes India, Eastern  [...]

  • technische kommunikation 2/2008

    Ferdinand Soethe: Open Applications – A Model for Technical Documentation?

    Talking with Technical Editors on the topic of Single Source Publishing (SSP), one sometimes gets the impression of talking about Utopia. (Nearly)  [...]

  • technische kommunikation 2/2008

    Johannes Schäfer: Run, Forrest, Run!

    Technical documentation with open source applications should not be a complicated matter. Apache Forrest is one such application that aligns itself to  [...]

  • technische kommunikation 2/2008

    Edgar Hellfritsch: TYPO3 – An underestimated alternative?

    Even small service providers or freelancers sometimes get the task of working on the data mass together with clients and translators or of developing  [...]

  • technische kommunikation 1/2008

    Carl-Heinz Gabriel: From Europe to the world

    The European Community of States has been able to overcome numerous trade barriers through standards that are valid throughout Europe, and ensure a  [...]

  • technische kommunikation 1/2008

    Daniel Zielinski und Andreas Otto: TYPO3 – Localising web sites

    TYPO3 has been enjoying increasing popularity recently. The localisation and translation of TYPO3-content, however, is proving to be a huge challenge  [...]

  • technische kommunikation 1/2008

    Marc Achtelig: Creating software demos the easy way

    Many technical writers still continue to give a wide berth to multimedia. But in recent years, though, the creation of interactive software-demos has  [...]

  • tcworld 1/2008

    Rick Woyde: Standards drive automotive companies as they improve quality and lower costs

    The General Motors parts catalog contains over 165,000 serviceable parts. And each part has a unique name. As new technologies are developed ever  [...]

  • tcworld 1/2008

    Signe Rirdance: EuroTermBank and the business case for terminology sharing

    With no claim to being a comprehensive overview, this article attempts to provide a few glimpses into terminology sharing, a concept that has roots in  [...]

  • tcworld 1/2008

    Kirstie Edwards: Analyzing e-mails to improve virtual team management

    There are two main factors which affect the success of a team project: the team’s competency to achieve the project goal by means of the combined  [...]

  • tcworld 1/2008

    Corinna Ritter: Integrating culture and knowledge into the corporate structure

    Many books and articles have been written on the frequent failure of cross-cultural mergers and acquisitions. According to a KPMG study 83 percent of  [...]

  • tcworld 1/2008

    “Working across cultures is always a valuable learning experience”

    Dr. Robert Mason is Professor and Associate Dean for Research at the Information School faculty of the University of Washington. His current research  [...]

  • MultiLingual 7/2007

    Getting started in localization

    Getting started in localization can sometimes be as simple as asking, “Where do I find a person who speaks XYZ language?” In other cases, online  [...]

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  • Multilingual 8/2008

    Rakesh Kumar: Localization - an Indian perspective

    The list of languages spoken among different groups of people in India is quite long. Out of these, the Indian constitution recognizes 22 languages as  [...]