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June 16, 2017

Event Report

Sustainability and API Documentation

Patricia Comanescu

On June 16, tekom Romania was hosting the half-day event „Sustainability and API Documentation” at the University „Politehnica” of Bucharest. The expert speakers, Prof. Rothkegel and Dr. Melenti, both teaching technical communication on various university levels, inspired the attending technical writing professionals, academics and students.

Technical Communication and Corporate Sustainability

Prof. Annely Rothkegel, PhD, Visiting Professor (Herder Foundation / DAAD, Germany) talked about the sustainability at the corporate level and the impact of the Global Reporting Initiative for the reporting activity of a company. Both production and consumption of technical products are to be seen in the perspective of integrating economical, ecological and social conditions. The impact of the sustainability model on technical documentation was discussed as well as the “educational project” that is necessary for establishing a “sustainable culture” according to the recycling concept used in ecology. The audience engaged a lively dialog about quality of data, documenting the processes, transparency of documentation and communication and the 3Rs of the environment: reduce, reuse, recycle applied to technical documentation.

Development of IT applications: API documentation

Cornelia Melenti, Senior lecturer Eng., PhD, Computer Science Department, at the Technical University of Cluj-Napoca described how technical problems are solved within an application via a mathematical model (algorithm) and how the solution is implemented via an API. She tackled the types of documents related to an application, with regard to context and background: the two-sided documents, service provider and beneficiary (Vision, Use Case, requirements and restrictions), the internal technical documentation for the developers (system architecture, data flow diagrams, state transition diagrams) and the product documentation: installation and configuration, user and maintenance manuals.


It was a wonderful and enriching occasion for another encounter bringing together professionals and academics discussing topics of high interest, having a future impact like sustainability, recycling and reuse of documentation thanks to the API. We are looking forward to tekom Romania’s next event, taking place in October in Cluj and tackling the collaboration between technical writers, translators and developers working.


Speakers' presentations available for download below.

TC and Corporate Sustainability, Prof. Rothkegel

API Documentation, Dr. Melenti