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October 20, 2017

Event report

Importance of Documentation for Software Development

Patricia Comanescu

With the arrival of autumn, tekom Romania organized its 5th event in Cluj-Napoca on the topic „Importance of Documentation for Software Development”, at the University „Babes-Bolyai”, Faculty of Letters. Patricia Comanescu, member of the Initiative Committee and local organizer, opened the event with a presentation on tekom Romania.

Expert Monica Chis was then invited to take the floor and to address an audience composed of technical writing professionals, long-time fans of tekom Romania events, academics and students. Mrs. Monica Chis, Resource and Delivery Manager at Planet Group International, has an extensive 20-year experience in different areas: IT industry, research and university. She worked as an IT engineer, but also as a researcher, university teacher, as a project and quality manager. Her experience involves all aspects of project, product, and development life cycles and therefore, for her, documentation is a must for the delivery of quality software. She presented a complex approach and explained who should write technical documentation, when, what kind of documentation and how. Mrs. Chis made her audience realize that documentation is created for all phases of a software project. It should be planned therefore right from the beginning of the conception phase (requirements), it is also part of the product and process design. Then, documentation is also produced in the development phase, as code comments. Finally the quality phase involves equally documentation: test documentation, code review documentation, user and system documentation. 

In conclusion all stakeholders of a software project produce documentation, so, in order to get quality documentation methodology (Agile or Waterfall), planning, review, templates, storage are all important aspects. The public was challenged to answer and have a dialog on topics such as „Can review be performed in tools such as Jama?”; review should be tackled in a tool so as to enable several performers and simultaneous tasks; versioning is important for storage, „What should be the background of a technical writer?”, etc.

After a lively round of discussions on the above mentioned topic followed a presentation on the Erasmus+ project TecCOMFrame (Technical Communication Competence Framework) by the delegate of tekom Romania, Assoc. Prof. Voichita A. Ghenghea. Among the eight European universities involved in this project is also a Romanian one, the University „Politehnica” of Bucharest. An academic competence framework is the primary outcome of the project. It is intended for employees of higher educational institutions as well as students, who want to learn about the interdisciplinary competence areas of technical communication. The standardized requirements should facilitate undergraduate and graduate education in technical communication across Europe. For more information one can visit the official page of the project: https://www.teccom-frame.eu/

The event closed with Patricia Comanescu’s short presentation of the benefits tekom Europe and in particular tekom Romania offers to its members, such as enabling professional and valuable events.


The attendees were enthusiastic about this enriching event and the knowledge exchange. In their feedback emails they even mentioned starting to modifiy their documentation workflow in order to create a more quality-oriented one, based on the suggestions of the presentation. 

We are looking forward to tekom Romania’s next event, taking place in December 8, 2017, in Iasi/Jassy, a town in Eastern Romania where our organization holds an event for the first time and will try to raise public awareness for Technical Communication and increase the number of its members and supporters.

The speakers' presentation is available for download below.

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