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Annual Book Series

tekom Annual Gift 2004

Technical Communication – International

Jörg Hennig, Marita Tjarks-Sobhani

Does the reputation of technical communication reflect its actual significance? Are technical communicators well trained enough to perform their important tasks adequately? What are their salaries? What are the conditions set by the national legal framework? What are the prospects of technical communication?

This collection, for the first time, puts the answers to these and other important questions into an international perspective. Competent authors offer a survey of the status and prospects of technical communication for 17 countries in Europe, Asia, America and Australia.  


  • Introduction (Hennig/Tjarks-Sobhani)
  • Technical Documentation in Germany (Hennig/Tjarks-Sobhani)
  • Technical Documentation in Switzerland (Verhein-Jarren)
  • Technical Documentation in France (Flacke)
  • Technical Documentation in Denmark (Ring)
  • Technical Documentation in Sweden (Näsström)
  • Technical Documentation in Finland (Abdallah/Haanpää/Hill/Ilveskallio/Orispää/Suojanen)
  • Technical Documentation in the United Kingdom (Fisk)
  • Technical Documentation in Romania (Ghenghea)
  • Technical Documentation in Spain (Khalil)
  • Technical Documentation in Russia (Giliarevski)
  • TCeurope – An Umbrella Organization for Technical Communication (Fritz/Wirtz)
  • Technical Documentation in Israel (Zelenko)
  • Technical Documentation in India (Balakrishna)
  • Technical Documentation in the People's Republic of China (Just)
  • Technical Documentation in the United States of America (Rainey)
  • Technical Documentation in Canada (Hart)
  • Technical Documentation in Australia (Baker)
  • Technical Documentation in New Zealand (Bayliss/Watson)

Bibliographic Data

Annual Book Series | No. 9 (Annual Gift 2004)
Technical Communication — International
Today and in the Future

14,8x 21 cm, 264 pages, 2004
ISBN 978-3-944449-21-0 (softcover)


Prof. Dr. Jörg Hennig und Prof. Dr. Marita Tjarks-Sobhani


Kristiina Abdallah, Greg Baker, Sandeep Balakrishna, Rosemary Bayliss, Alan Fisk, Marie-Louise Flacke, Dr. Michael Fritz, Dr. Voichita-Alexandra Ghenghea, Prof. Ruggero Giliarevski, Timo Haanpää, Geoffrey J.S. Hart, Prof. Dr. Jörg Hennig, Nicholas Hill, Sari Ilveskallio, Dr.-Ing. Stefan Just, Barjo Khalil, Johan Näsström, Kristian Orispää, Prof. Kenneth T. Rainey PhD, Peter Ring, Tytti Suojanen, Prof. Dr. Marita Tjarks-Sobhani, Prof. Dr. Annette Verhein-Jarren, Margery Watson, Ursula Wirtz, Julian Zelenko 

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