Foundation of a European Association for Technical Communication

tekom Europe is off to a good start

(Stuttgart, November 20, 2013) People from several European countries founded the new association "tekom Europe". Its aim is to increase the significance and awareness of technical communication in Europe, to strengthen and harmonize the occupational profile of the technical writer and to develop industry standards for user manuals and operating instructions. The country organizations and corporate members of tekom Europe decide together about the work and activities of the association at a European level in the assembly of delegates.

The European Union influences the production of consumer and capital goods by establishing a series of specifications and regulations. This automatically affects the information that must be created for all technical goods. By establishing standards, the documentation is created in a way that the user immediately understands it, thus allowing him to fully and safely operate the technical device. As soon as goods are marketed within the EU, the producer has to follow regulations such as for example the EC machinery directive, low voltage directive, or also the product safety directive. Furthermore, the EU publishes a series of standards that describe the state of the art for the creation of user information. This includes for example the EN 82079-1:2012 "Preparation of instructions", which was published in 2012. Ultimately, the EU also takes influence on the education and training of professionals, who create user information.

Goals of tekom Europe

The main task of the newly founded association will be to represent the interests of creators and users of user information at a European level. This should happen in particular through participation in the formulation of European standards and directives, participation in the description of sectoral skills and competences as well as promoting cooperation among universities and educational institutions at a European level. Thus, tekom Europe supports important EU objectives such as improving the training of young people, the employability and mobility of workers as well as the competitiveness of the European economy in general.

Structure of the Association

The association will initially consist of members from six country organizations, as well as two corporate members. The establishment of further country organizations is in preparation. Further association agreements are possible with other organizations.
Each country organization is above all concerned with the interests of its own members. Together they benefit from the fact that tekom Europe will have greater weight in European and international bodies and thus strengthen its influence. tekom Europe’s highest body is the assembly of delegates. The assembly of delegates decides on the work with regard to the content in projects and advisory boards and draws up the annual budget. It furthermore elects the volunteer board of directors, which consists of a chairperson, deputy chairperson, secretary and treasurer.

The association was founded following German Association law; seat of the association is in Stuttgart.

Learn more about tekom Europe at www.tekom.eu.

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