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November 8, 2017

Starting Work:

The New tekom Europe Advisory Board Professional Development and Training

Daniela Straub

Just a few days before the annual tekom conference and tcworld conference, the members of the new tekom Europe Advisory Board Professional Development and Training came together on October 22 for their initial meeting in order to define strategic goals.

From now on, the new advisory board will be responsible for strategic questions of professional development and training in technical communication in Europe. The members will discuss options and initiatives and will develop concrete action plans to improve the professional development and training of technical communicators. This applies not only to vocational training but also to academic studies in Europe. The board will act on a European-wide international level as well as on a national level in different countries.

Currently, the members of the advisory board come from 7 different European countries. This number may increase in the future, and the members represent industry as well as academia.

The Aim of the Meeting

The goal of the meeting was to define strategic goals for professional development and training. As a result, the board members agreed that more awareness about the profession of technical communication is needed and that the visibility of the profession must be increased. Thus, different activities designed to promote the occupation were discussed. Marketing and information are also needed to align with these activities. Another important goal is to seek interesting collaborations, e.g. with other associations, also to bridge the gap between technical communication and other disciplines such as translation and localization.

Furthermore, the board will foster networking, for example between universities, and provide support in creating training programs. With this, the advisory board will continue with the work of the TecCOMFrame project, which also aims to define competencies and prototype curricula, with its website providing detailed information about the profession: www.teccom-frame.eu.