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March 28, 2014

New tekom Europe country organization

tekom Polska Established in Warsaw

Anke Mecklenbrauck, Kiriaki Kampouridou

On Friday, March 28, 2014, a new tekom Europe country organization was officially founded at the Translation & Localization Conference in Warsaw. The new association will organize events on technical communication and promote the profession in Poland.

Dr. Michael Fritz, CEO of tekom Europe, and Anke Mecklenbrauck, responsible for the country organizations of tekom Europe, participated at the conference and founding event.

tekom Europe acted in its capacity as a partner of the Translation and Localization Conference 2014. The conference started on Friday morning with a presentation on Opens external link in new window"Rule-Based Technical Writing," delivered by Ralf Haldimann, who works as a team leader of technical documentation at Busch-Jaeger Elektro GmbH. He was part of the tekom working group on rule-based technical writing, which resulted in a tekom publication. His presentation was well received by the audience and there was a great demand for the corresponding publication. On Friday afternoon, Dr. Michael Fritz gave a talk on Opens external link in new window"Technical Communication as a Business in Europe", in which he demonstrated a new paradigm of producing information products. 

Dr. Michael Fritz (CEO of tekom Europe) and Agata Wozniak (tekom Polska)

Dr. Michael Fritz (CEO of tekom Europe) and Agata Wozniak (tekom Polska)

Immediately afterward, tekom Europe invited all its Polish members and persons interested in networking and drinks to celebrate the founding of tekom Polska.

The next conference day resumed with a panel discussion, "Certification of the Translation Profession in Europe". Dr. Michael Fritz argued for the importance of (an independent) certification system, giving the example of theOpens internal link in current window tekom certificate. Afterwards, the presentation "The Translation Paradigm Is Changing, Like It or Not!" by Henk Wijnands was delivered to the audience on the invitation of tekom Europe. Finally, tekom Europe participated in a lottery draw giving away a free entrance ticket for theOpens external link in new window tekom Europe Roadshow and the publication "Successful Terminology Management in Companies" to the lucky winners.

The next major event of tekom Polska will be theOpens external link in new window tekom Europe Roadshow in Warsaw on September 18, 2014. tekom Polska is now looking for new members and volunteers to support their initiative. If you are interested, please contact Anke Mecklenbrauck for more information at a.mecklenbrauck@tekom.de.