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March 10-12, 2016

News from tekom Europe

tekom Europe Delegates Meet at the Annual Assembly of Delegates

Anke Neytchev

From March 10 to 12, delegates and guests from 11 different European countries came together to work on the association’s strategy and activities. The assembly of delegates is the highest decision-making body within tekom Europe.

First tekom Europe Joint Event

The day before the official assembly, we organized, for the first time, a tekom Europe joint event at Danube University in Krems, Austria. tekom Österreich, the host of this meeting, offered a full-day program with expert presentations to their members in Austria. What was special was that all delegates also attended the event, creating a very international audience and experiencing the diversity of our association even at such a local event. All topics covered were of high relevance to the recent developments in technical communication and also for the professional development of our members. Topics included European legislation and standardization, IoT and Information 4.0, as well as a workshop on change management. A comprehensive event report by tekom Österreich in addition to the presentation slides for download (for members only) can be accessed here. It was also very interesting for the attendees to learn how they could actively participate in the organization’s activities, e.g. through working groups.

Benefits of Membership and Involvement in Standardization

Vienna was the location of choice for our official assembly. Apart from a number of formal items on the agenda, there was also enough room for discussions. Two major points of interest were the benefits that we offer our members, which we would like to expand further, as well as the standardization work on the European level. Be sure to follow up on further developments in these areas. Today, we can already announce that we are going to offer webinars as an additional benefit for our members in the near future.

The delegates will now be going back to their country organizations, reporting on the outcomes of our meeting and putting ideas into action. tekom Europe will also work on further joint events, bringing together tech comm professionals from different countries.