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September 21, 2015

Cross-Industrial and Practice-Based

tekom Defines Competencies for Technical Communication

Corinna Melville

tekom has developed a cross-industry Competence Framework for Technical Communication. The framework identifies occupational profiles and outlines potential jobs throughout the broad professional field of technical communication.

The Competence Framework provides clear, basic guidance for companies, employees, young professionals and people interested in the profession by helping them make the right decision regarding job selection, career development, further education and training, training curricula, job assessment, etc.
It has been implemented as the basis for a new profiling tool, which can be used selectively for recruiting, HR development, producing job profiles, qualification consulting, self-assessment, developing curricula, etc. The tool provides a powerful resource for tc-related activities.

In particular it can be used by…

…company managers and HR departments to

  • define specialist job profiles and roles
  • target personnel recruitment and outline job advertisements
  • specify HR requirements and enhance employees’ competencies accordingly

…education institutes, training providers and universities to

  • identify market requirements and prepare students accordingly
  • develop new training offerings and curricula

…people interested in further education to

  • describe and define individual further education content and objectives
  • devise individual, needs-based further education concepts

…technical communication employees and career starters

  • as guidance on job and workplace requirements
  • as a resource for defined occupational profiles

In addition, the Competence Framework plays a pivotal role in tekom’s Training and Development system for Technical Editors.
The framework was developed by the nine experts of the Technical Committee of the tekom Advisory Body for Training and Development.
The profiling tool is now available online in both English and German.