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tcworld GmbH Takes Over the “Information Energy” Conference

Kiriaki Kampouridou

tcworld GmbH in Stuttgart has taken over “Information Energy”, a conference established in Utrecht, the Netherlands. Since March 4, 2015, tcworld GmbH has owned the rights to the conference. Wim Hooghwinkel, founder and developer of “Information Energy”, will still be responsible for all tasks related to the program topics as well as the event management.

With its takeover of the “Information Energy” conference, tcworld GmbH, under CEO Dr. Michael Fritz, is expanding its portfolio of conferences as well as its range of topics beyond technical communication. In the future, the focus of “Information Energy” will be on information management (Enterprise Information Management).   
The range of topics at tcworld conference 2015 (November 10–12 at ICS in Stuttgart) will thus also be broadened. For this conference, Wim Hooghwinkel will be responsible for the content creation of the “Information Energy” track.   

Close Cooperation

tcworld GmbH will work in close cooperation with Wim Hooghwinkel. In the future, his responsibilities will still include the management of the program and the community as well as
supporting the speakers. The employees of tcworld GmbH will take care of the conference in  general, including the accompanying fair as well as the sponsoring.  

About “Information Energy”

The conference will take place June 3–4, 2015 in Utrecht, the Netherlands and will focus on the main topic “Content as a service – turn data into information and information into knowledge…” The conference program covers topics such as user experience, enterprise content and big data, structured content intelligence, and e-learning.
“Information Energy” is a two-day event. The first day is a conference day with international speakers and visitors. The second day is Tools Day where solution providers are invited to present, and attendees are invited to participate, in forums and interactive sessions.  
You will find more information on the conference website at informationenergy.org/2015/.

About tcworld GmbH

tcworld GmbH, founded in Stuttgart in 2002, is the service provider of tekom Deutschland and tekom Europe. tcworld GmbH has profound experience in organizing conferences on technical communication worldwide, from small events to large-scale conferences and exhibitions. The core activities are
•    conferences (tekom/tcworld conference, tcworld India, tcworld China, tekom Europe
•    contents (trade journals such as “technische kommunikation” and “tcworld magazine”, studies, and webportals) and
•    training/certification (TCTrainNet).

Contact Person

For more information, please contact Ms. Johanna Weitensteiner by phone at +49 711 65704-0 or via email at j.weitensteiner@tekom.de.