April 27, 2015

Training and Further Education for Technical Communicators

TCTrainNet Expands Its Module Offerings

Jörg Michael

With the new module "Rule-Based Writing – English for Non-Native Writers", TCTrainNet is expanding the spectrum of topics in its English-language qualification and certification concept for technical communicators. The new module combines into one online learning unit the most important terms, concepts and rules for standardization for technical writing in English on the levels of text, sentence and word.

Technical communicators, content authors and information developers appreciate the tekom guidelines for their editorial realization of rule-based writing: "English for Non-Native Writers", "Englisch für deutschsprachige Autoren" (German) and "Deutsch für die Technische Kommunikation" (German). Using numerous examples, these guidelines demonstrate the advantages of language standardization and how language rules can be introduced and used professionally.

Each rule for language standardization contains a short explanation of the rule, comprehensive instructions and decision aids for implementation of the rules, several negative and positive examples and an estimation of the feasibility of computerized proofreading using language checking software (see the following illustration). This way, the rules are easy to integrate into existing editing guidelines or to use as a basis for introducing editing guidelines, content management systems or terminology management systems.



Fig.: Example of a sentence rule

Improving Language Standards in Global Teams

In order to optimize the international collaboration of technical communicators and content authors in virtual global teams, TCTrainNet has now compiled the content of the guidelines "English for Non-Native Writers" into a didactically and methodologically sound e-learning module in English and integrated it into its international certification concept for English-speaking technical communicators.

About TCTrainNet

Opens external link in new windowTCTrainNet is an internationally oriented, English-language qualification concept and online learning arrangement for technical communicators. Its multi-level and modular concept makes it possible for businesses to have their employees in locations abroad qualified in all essential key competencies for technical communication using an online training platform. With the TCTrainNet concept, tekom and tcworld GmbH are responding to the considerably increased requirements of a globalized competitive environment in which international businesses are active in the area of technical communication. Pertinent to this area is, for example, the ability to accomplish efficient cross-company analysis, description and illustration of competences, complex working procedures and manufacturing and information processes by means of technical communication.

TCTrainNet is directed at technical communicators, internal further education settings within businesses and qualified training partners abroad who wish to develop the range of their offerings for their clients. TCTrainNet offers didactically and methodologically optimized content in the form of interactive e-learning modules. The modules completely cover all topic areas of technical communication, provide information about innovations relevant to the profession, and familiarize participants with all appropriate standards.

The TCTrainNet training platform offers the option of training and certifying technical communicators at a high level and a unified standard, independent of time and place, on the international level. All learning content has been developed by experts in technical communication and compiled specially for the online training. The curriculum is oriented toward the high standards of the 18 modules of the German tekom certification. Training content focuses strictly on the requirements on technical communicators and business practice, so that what is learned can be implemented immediately into everyday work. In this way, participants make quantifiable progress in a very short time. Previous graduates rank, in particular, the online tutoring by experienced trainers as well as the online community as the key strengths of this innovative educational opportunity.

Further information can be found at the training platform, www.tc-train.net. The contact person for TCTrainNet is Ms. Christine Keller: +49 711 65704-51.

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