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December 22, 2015

A Thank-You from Us to You: Annual Gift

Short Review of the Year 2015

Jörg Michael

2015 was the second full year of tekom Europe as a professional organization dedicated to the advancement of our profession across Europe. We want to thank you for your membership in tekom Europe and your contribution to the growth of our association.

Positive Development

By the end of this year, tekom Europe counts over 9,200 members, who are distributed among the country organizations and the corporate members tekom Deutschland and COM&TEC Italia, as well as other personal members from different European countries. In 2015, the new country organization tekom Bulgaria was founded, and delegates for tekom Bulgaria as well as tekom Polska were elected.

The yearly Assembly of Delegates took place on March 27 in Antwerp with 13 delegates attending. The delegates reported on the association's activities on national and European levels. The report on the eDoc Project by tekom Deutschland received special attention. eDoc aims to publish a guideline on the current state of the art regarding electronic delivery of user information. The guideline will give recommendations on how to balance the use of different output media in technical communication, also taking legal, economic and organizational aspects into consideration.

Another report that attracted special attention was on the application of a European-wide project developing an Academic Competence Framework and Curricula for Technical Communication (TecCOMFrame). The application was successful, and the project is co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union. The kick-off meeting for TecCOMFrame took place in October in Stuttgart with tekom Europe hosting eight European partner universities. The delegates also worked on ideas about how to increase collaboration among the country organizations and how to distribute valuable work results across borders.

In 2015, tekom Europe organized a roadshow in five European countries (Denmark, Switzerland, Austria, Italy and Romania) in order to increase awareness of tekom Europe and reach out to important stakeholders.

We are looking forward to more exciting events and activities in 2016. We expect the foundation of two more country organizations—tekom Netherland and tekom Magyaroszág. We want to reinforce our international network of universities, adapt the results of the eDoc Project for all country organizations, and start organizing webinars for members of tekom Europe.

A Thank-You from Us to You: Annual Gift

You as a member have benefited from the numerous events organized by dedicated volunteer members in the country organizations—many of them at the interface between university, industry, and services. We will further intensify these activities next year.

By recommending membership in tekom Europe to your colleagues, you will contribute to establishing a strong European network in the field of technical communication. As a thank-you for your membership, today you are receiving Volume 3 of the "Proceedings of the European Academic Colloquium on Technical Communication", just published, as a gift for your professional development. The print version can be ordered at the membership price from tekom's office.

We would like to remind you to inform us of any changes in your contact details by email at info(at)tekom.eu.

We wish you happy holidays and a successful year in 2016.