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May 16, 2017

Event Report

Second Cross-Border Country Organization Event 2017

Susanna Akdut

After one year, a follow up of the successful first Cross-Border Country Organization Event 2016 in Tongeren, Belgium was organized. tekom Nordrhein and tekom Belgium were given the opportunity to organize the second event at the nice and modern facilities of the Institute of “Textlinguistik und Technikkommunikation” at RWTH Aachen University.

Information 4.0

Industry 4.0 / Information 4.0 is of high interest in public and certainly for technical communication. Speakers from industry and academia highlighted various aspects during this half-day event. Participants from Germany, The Netherlands, Belgium and a member of tekom Schweiz attended the presentations and engaged in lively discussions with the speakers.
Jürgen Sapara of tecteam pointed out that the user will play an increasingly active role in the knowledge flow. Changes in user behaviour, the diversity of output media and the technical opportunities will require agile, dynamic, small and self-contained information units combined with good metadata. He also referred to iiRDS, the upcoming “intelligent Information Request and Delivery Standard”, which is currently being developed by the tekom task group Information 4.0. 

Aviation Safety Management System

Davy van Hyfte of Brussels Airport Company depicted how to ensure that the airport is safe for use by aircraft and that safety and security standards are respected. In order to achieve international certification and to be compliant with all legal requirements the Aviation Safety Management System has to assure safety policy, safety risk management, safety assurance and safety promotion. Davy showed their “co-activity table” as an example demonstrating the complex working processes and their interactions on an aerodrome. Documentation of the processes, the legislation and training of the staff adapted to their specific task are crucial.

Technical Communication at RWTH Aachen University

Dr. phil. Simone Wirtz-Brückner gave an overview of the Bachelor and Master study programs in Technical Communication at the RWTH. It is a unique interdisciplinary course which combines communication studies with engineering and natural sciences studies.

Dr. phil. Claas Digmayer demonstrated an example of a research project representing a focus of usability in the context of Industry 4.0. Together with industrial partners, the researchers investigated the usability problems of CAx-systems (Computer-aided systems) and their user-interface design. For a transformation to Lean CAx-systems, a strong need for standardization, guidelines and a redesign of their interfaces will be crucial.

Situation-Appropriate Delivery of Information in Knowledge-Intensive Processes

Finally, Maya Fielitz of Empolis Information Management demonstrated how information can be delivered in a situation-appropriate way and users can find an answer to specific problems in a smart world. A content portal delivers an interactive step-by-step manual, and a Content Lifecycle System creates individual, configuration-specific user manuals. For example, display-embedded interactive user guides in a car offer the user context-based help.


It has been again a great pleasure to bring together industrial and academic partners of neighbouring countries with one target: to discuss a topic of high interest like Industry 4.0, to learn from each other and to intensify contacts during coffee break, before and after the event. tekom Belgium and tekom Nordrhein look forward to organizing the next cross-border event in 2018.


Speakers' presentations available for download below.

Information 4.0 – Information on its digital route to the customer

Aviation Safety Management System