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tekom Europe Roadshow

Second Conference Week on Technical Communication in Copenhagen and Warsaw

Kiriaki Kampouridou

After a fruitful experience at the conferences in Paris, Ghent and Eindhoven, the second conference week led the tekom Europe Roadshow team to Denmark (September 16) and Poland (September 18), where participants could attend a conference program on Standards, Processes and Intelligent Publishing.

Anke Mecklenbrauck (Project Manager tekom Europe Roadshow), together with Dr. Michael Fritz (CEO of tekom Europe) and Johanna Weitensteiner (Junior Conference Producer), continued the Roadshow. You can share some impressions of the two conferences here. 

A Varied Conference Program in Copenhagen

In Copenhagen, after an introduction of tekom Danmark by Per Harbo Sørensen (spokesperson of tekom Danmark), Dr. Michael Fritz demonstrated the tekom Standard Process for Technical Communication. 
Before the interactive sessions, Sissy Closs (C-Topic Consulting GmbH & Hochschule Karlsruhe - Technik und Wirtschaft) discussed key aspects of a modern content strategy, and Torsten Machert (Easybrowse GmbH) presented on ”Information Processes and Information Design for Mobile Documentation”.

The participants discussed after these presentations in small groups within the interactive sessions on topics such as “Content Management” or “Implementing New Tools:

After the lunch break and the interactive sessions, the conference program continued with the last presentations on multi-channel and multi-usage of content by Udo Merz (euroscript international) and concluded with Jörg Plöger (SCHEMA Group) explaining an alternative approach to “Automating Content Layout Without Losing Flexibility”.

At the end of the conference day, the participants presented their results from the interactive sessions.

Fifth Stop of the Roadshow: Warsaw

The roadshow team then continued its route to Warsaw where, on September 18, the conference with the main industry focus on automobile engineering was opened by Agata Woźniak (spokesperson of tekom Polska), introducing tekom Polska.
Afterwards, Dr. Michael Fritz presented the European legal requirements and international standards for technical communication.

His talk was followed by a presentation delivered by Karsten Voss (ZINDEL AG) and Agata Woźniak (logostrada) explaining the current standard “PN-EN 82079-1” in technical documentation and a talk given by Tomasz Meinicke (Instytut Badań i Rozwoju Motoryzacji BOSMAL Sp. z o.o) on documentation of the homologation of vehicle types.

After the lunch break, the attendees shared more presentations, e.g. on terminology management given by Paulina Lewandowska (Interlingua Language Services - ILS GmbH).  Most of the speakers presented in Polish.

As in Copenhagen, the participants had the chance to exchange their ideas in the interactive sessions and to network with their peers as well as with the speakers during the lunch and coffee breaks:

The tekom Europe Roadshow team continues its route with further stops in Istanbul (September 22), Bucharest (September 24) and Vienna (September 26).