April 27, 2015

Event Report

Roundtable Meeting in Budapest

Anke Mecklenbrauck

tekom Europe continues to reach out to technical communicators across Europe to further grow and professionalize the association. Following this initiative and the invitation of a group of technical writers in Hungary, a roundtable meeting was organized on April 16 in Budapest.

Budapest, April 16: A group of 16 tech comm professionals gathered for a roundtable meeting to discuss the status quo of technical communication in Hungary and the opportunity to become part of Europe’s largest professional association – tekom Europe.

Recognition of the Job Profile and Certification of Tech Writers

Participants came from various companies ranging from large multinationals in software and telecommunications to service providers to local IT companies. Some of the participants had partly known each other for many years, as they were somehow loosely connected to exchange knowledge about professional experiences. However, they felt that it was time to create a formal and neutral platform — which is when they approached tekom Europe.

During the roundtable meeting there were, in particular, discussions on the definition of the job profile and the certification of technical writers. All participants agreed that there is a high demand for the training and education of technical writers and for further increasing the awareness of the job profile. First attempts have been made to integrate a technical writing course into academic education, which should be intensified in the future.

Forming a Country Organization in Hungary

The CEO of tekom Europe, Dr. Michael Fritz, talked about the various projects and activities of the association. It was then discussed how the community of Hungarian tech writers could become integrated into tekom Europe by becoming a country organization. The participants were very positive about this step and, within the next weeks, results on this matter can be expected. In order to become a country organization in tekom Europe, at least ten members from different companies must propose the founding to the Executive Board of tekom Europe.

The meeting concluded with a nice dinner during which participants networked and continued the discussions from the afternoon. tekom Europe would like to thank all participants and the company DefTec for hosting the event.