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tekom Europe's Activities in Turkey

Round Table Meeting with Technical Writing Professionals in Istanbul

Anke Mecklenbrauck

On June 3, tekom Europe organized a round table meeting in Istanbul in cooperation with the AHK (German Foreign Chamber of Commerce). The purpose of this meeting was to invite technical writing professionals from large Turkish industry companies to share their thoughts on the development of technical communication in Turkey.

The organization of the round table was realized together with the Turkish country organization, Opens internal link in current windowtekom Türkiye. It has been established already in 2011 and since then organized several events on technical communication. We are already experiencing great support from universities and now we are expanding our network even more towards different industry sectors. Turkey, as a large country with various traditional and new industry sectors, is exporting many of their products to EU countries. That means that the documentation has to meet certain requirements and needs to be made in accordance with EU regulations.

One specific industry that Turkey is particularly strong in is that of Household Appliances and Consumer Electronics. That is why tekom Europe invited representatives of the most important companies in that sector to the round table discussion. We were having a fruitful discussion about the challenges and needs of technical writing professionals in that sector. The participants showed great interest in joining our network and contributing in one way or the other.

Already in spring this year, representatives of tekom Europe met with the Turkish industry association for software companies (YASAD), where we discussed about education and training of technical writers in the software sector. It turned out that there is no formal education yet, but that companies at the same time face an increasing demand for trained technical writers.

tekom Europe will use the insights from these meetings to further develop member services and events, that are meeting the demands of the professionals in Turkey. The next event will be the Opens external link in new windowtekom Europe Roadshow in Istanbul on September 26.