May 5, 2015

tcworld Organized First International Workshop in China

"Professional Basic Training for Documentation Specialists 2015" Very Well Received

Christine Keller

In cooperation with the China Association for Standardization (CAS), tcworld and the German Association for Technical Communication (tekom) offer their first professional entry course in technical communication. It is designed to meet the growing demand for more effective communication of technical material through manuals, reports and online documentation in China. 40 participants from various company sectors joined the new course.

Beijing,Monday, April 20, 2015 - The first training day out of five starts for 40 Chinese participants from various company sectors: 40 trainees, eager to listen to well-experienced trainer Roland Schmeling (Germany), who has prepared a perfect mixture of theoretical and practical learning material.

The classroom training course provides an integrated curriculum covering principles and practices commonly used in technical environments. The program is designed for employees already working in these areas who want to professionalize their work, improve their skills, optimize their editorial processes, or benefit from competitive advantages in the job market. It also meets the needs of new entrants and career changers in the field of technical communication. Specific occupation groups consist of product and layout designers, technical communicators, (technical) translators and localization specialists, software developers, information developers, engineers and marketing staff.

The first 40 participants in this certificate program learned the skills, techniques and strategies to effectively communicate technical information in many different forms to meet specific audience needs. The course of study focuses on legal context, safety instructions, structuring (analysis of manual types, target audiences, etc.), standardization, design and analysis.

The Goal of the Training Program

The goal of the training program is to promote the safe use of products (such as equipment, machines, software or service products) by ensuring that users obtain the appropriate information. The producers must guarantee the usability of this information during the entire lifecycle of the products. Such information should be developed by qualified persons with professional training.
The training ends with an exam resulting in two certificates from tcworld and CAS, which prove that the trainee has completed the training course, has successfully passed the test and thus has reached a basic professional level.

After a great success with tcworld China in Shanghai on March 17, 2015, the creation of this course is the right step towards improving the development of technical communication as a profession in China.
I can conclude that with this training course, we reached the second milestone in China. It started successfully and we very much appreciate having so many international and national company staff here to support and improve their skills for their daily work.