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The European Scientific Journal of tekom Europe

Proceedings of the European Academic Colloquium on Technical Communication, Volume 2

Jörg Michael

The “Proceedings of the European Academic Colloquium on Technical Communication” are a European scientific journal for technical communication. They are released annually and are published on the internet and as print on demand. They are comprised of project reports, educational articles, empirical results of research and scientific discussions on all the topics related to technical communication.

The second "European Academic Colloquium on Technical Communication” was held in the Rhein-Main Hallen in Wiesbaden, Germany, on 5 November 2013. The topic of the event was “Scientific Perspectives on Technical Communication—What is the Scientific Approach to Technical Communication of the Participating Scholars across Europe?” While the focus was mainly on sharing scientific knowledge and reporting on (ongoing) research projects, scholars were also invited to exchange ideas on the design of curricula and study programs, the mobility of scholars and students, and cooperation between universities.


Contents of Volume 2:

ISSN 2196-6206, ISBN 978-3-944449-43-2, 84 pages

Yvonne Cleary M.A.:

• Practitioners' Perspectives of the Technical Communication Field in Ireland

Prof. Cristian Dragomirescu, Prof. Voichita Ghenghea, Elisabeth Lazarou:

• Technical Documentation as Part of Student Project Work

Prof. Dr. Michael Meng:

• How Helpful are Screen Shots? A Review of Empirical Evidence and Directions for Future Research

Prof. Dr. Frieda Steurs:

• Technical Communication and the Information Challenge: ECQA Certification on Different Levels

Tytti Suojanen M.A.:

• Motivating the User

Prof. Dr. Sylvia Fischer:

• Analyses and Tests—an Innovative Approach to Comprehensible Operating Instructions


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