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tekom Europe Roadshow

New Trends in TC at the conferences in Paris, Ghent and Eindhoven

Kiriaki Kampouridou

After a journey by train, we were happy to arrive in Paris at La Défense district to open our first conference of the tekom Europe Roadshow on September 8. The tekom Europe Roadshow team, together with the CEO of tekom Europe, Dr. Michael Fritz, was excited to meet with professionals who shared their knowledge on technical communication in their home country.

All conferences were centered on the general topic of “Standards, Processes and Intelligent Publishing”.
At our first conference of the roadshow in Paris, after an introduction to tekom France (by Marc Lestrade, spokesperson of the tekom France initiative committee), and three presentations, the interactive sessions began.

The attendees discussed and exchanged with their peers about mobile documentation, training opportunities for technical writers and content management.
At the end of the conference day and after very interesting presentations, the attendees shared their conclusions with the entire audience.


On the next day, we continued on our route to Ghent/Belgium, where on September 10, we organized the second conference focusing on healthcare documentation. After an introduction to tekom Belgium by Birgitta Meex (spokesperson of the initiative committee of tekom Belgium), the audience had the chance to share in a conference program that treated different subjects in the field of medical devices and documentation.

After the morning sessions and a lunch break, the participants also got the chance – as in Paris and Eindhoven – to discover new industry trends and tools during the sponsored showcases.

The third station of the tekom Europe Roadshow led us to Eindhoven/the Netherlands, where on September 12, the attendees of the conference found a diverse program on techcomm processes and Intelligent Publishing covering all sectors. At this conference, there were mainly presentations regarding content management and content strategies.

As a common point of all three events, we observed that our participants took the opportunity given during the coffee breaks and interactive sessions to network with their peers and to share their ideas. In general, attendees of the Roadshows included managers of technical documentation departments or teams, technical writers and other experts on technical communication.

We can conclude that our first conference week started successfully and hope that the second week in Copenhagen and Warsaw will be the same – inspiring and fruitful for all attendees as well as for us from tekom Europe!