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September 3, 2015

In the Spotlight:

It's All about Intelligent Information at the tekom Europe Roadshow and tcworld 2015

Kiriaki Kampouridou

With the Intelligent Information Initiative – in³, tekom starts off the age of ''Information 4.0''. The objective: Individualized information at the right time in the right place, in the medium of choice.

With in³, classic technical documentation embarks on a journey to becoming an intelligent digital information service. As the trend of our time is the increasing digitalization in producing goods and services, not just products will be sold any longer, but ''smart'' services.
In the future there will be cloud-based platforms that interconnect these things, keyword: ''Internet of Things''.
The dynamic provision of user information based on use cases will play a major role in the field of technical communication. This also relates to the question on how the ''smart'' user information will look in the future.  

Michael Fritz, CEO of tekom/tekom Europe, will give a talk on Intelligent Information at different stations of the tekom Europe Roadshow in September, where it also represents the main conference topic: In Zurich, Switzerland on September 17, in Linz, Austria on September 22, and in Bologna, Italy on September 24.

The tcworld conference 2015 that will take place on November 10-12 in Stuttgart will focus on Intelligent Information as well: Participants can choose from a wide range of presentations, tutorials, and take part in a panel discussion related to this topic. 
Find out more about the conference program and the Intelligent Information track at the tcworld conference 2015 here.