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June 12, 2015

tekom at International Symposium in Guangdong

Impressions and Report of a Journalist from China

Kiriaki Kampouridou

From May 23-24, tekom took part in the 'International Symposium on Technical Communication in Mobile Era and Standardization' of the 17th Annual Meeting of CAST in Guangdong. A Chinese journalist interviewed Dr. Michael Fritz, CEO of tekom, on site.

The following is the edited translation of an article originally drafted in Chinese by journalist Xiaojing Yang, who works for the Nanyue Quality Journal of the Bureau of Quality and Technology Supervision of Guangdong:

The International Symposium on Technical Communication in the Mobile Era and Standardization of the 17th Annual Meeting of CAST took place on May 23-24 in the Guangdong Yingbin Hotel. Dr. Michael Fritz, CEO of tekom, the worldwide organization for technical communication, opened the symposium with his presentation, 'Technical Communication and the Internet':

“In the near future, smart products will be everywhere. Service, instead of products, will take the leading role in economic development. For example, not just cars themselves will be sold, but mobility as a service. Household appliance manufacturers won’t just sell refrigerators, but a smart and healthy lifestyle. In the future, the platform providers who broker these smart services will be, from an economic point of view, at the forefront.

“With 'old school' publishing, it was all about 'thick, boring books' in the beginning, then, later on, digital files such as PDFs on CD. These are often not very reader-friendly and even less client-specific. Intelligent information should make dynamic information available to the right audience at the right time and the right place, through appropriate media and devices. Earlier on, entire packages of technical information were simply pushed onto consumers. Communication of information often failed this way. With intelligent 'new school' publishing, the consumer is central to the whole process. Users call up information as individually required.” In this way, Dr. Michael Fritz described potential future developments in user information.

tekom representatives arrived early in Guangzhou on May 21, two days before the event. Instead of just trying to get over jet lag, they used the time to discuss future cooperation with the China Association for Standardization. The international project manager, Ms. Keller, was remarkable for her dedication, as she is an expecting mother. Despite a long journey and pregnancy, she traveled to China to participate in this event. This also demonstrates how greatly tekom values this event.

Dr. Michael Fritz reported on tekom, the largest European professional association for technical communication. At this time, tekom has ca. 9,000 members from diverse international businesses, who regard China as an already significant market that is continuing to grow in importance.

Dr. Fritz stated that he would like to work more closely with the Chinese contingent and, following this talk, is meeting with Chinese organizations to discuss collaboration in developing international standards.