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March 4, 2017

tekom Europe Assembly of Delegates

Growing European TC Activities

Susanne Lohmüller

The first Assembly of Delegates (AoD) since the election in January took place from March 3–4 in Copenhagen, Denmark. With some new faces among the tekom Europe delegates, there was a lively exchange of technical information, best practices and the overall strategy for tekom Europe.

The AoD in spring is hosted each year by a different Country Organization. This year, tekom Danmark extended an invitation to the tekom Europe delegates to meet in Copenhagen. On Friday, March 3, the delegates were able to take part in a well-received and interactive tekom Danmark event on terminology. Adding to the already successful event was the international perspective provided by the tekom Europe delegates attending from 10 European countries. On Saturday, March 4, the tekom Europe delegates assembled.

Who and What Is the Assembly of Delegates?

From January 16-29, 2017, each tekom Europe member was able to vote for the delegate of their respective country organization. Members without a country organization were able to vote for their own delegate. The results of the January election are available here.

As the highest decision-making body of tekom Europe, the AoD is, among other things, responsible for making decisions on the articles, regulations, membership fees and financial budget of tekom Europe – and the election of the executive board members, the members of the arbitration tribunal and the cash auditors.

Meet the Newly Elected Executive Board

The elections took place on March 4, 2017 in Copenhagen. We congratulate the executive board members on their elections. The newly elected executive board members are:

Chairperson: Isabelle Fleury (tekom Deutschland)

Deputy Chairperson: Tiziana Sicila (COM&TEC)

Secretary: Holger Thater (tekom Danmark)

Treasurer: Martin Rieder (tekom Österreich)

Left to right: Isabelle Fleury (Chairperson), Holger Thater (Secretary), Tiziana Sicila (Deputy Chairperson), Martin Rieder (Treasurer)

Also elected were the arbitration tribunal and cash auditors as follows:

Arbitration Tribunal: Magali Baumgartner (tekom Deutschland), Ágnes Czinkóczki (tekom Magyarország), Franz Steiner (tekom Österreich)

Cash Auditors: Armin Burry (tekom Deutschland), Per Harbo Sorensen (tekom Danmark)

Substitute Cash Auditor: Josef Kubovsky (delegate of members without a CO)

The AoD discussed various topics such as the variety of Country Organizations events, future tekom Europe webinars, the envisioned increase in publications in English, and the formation of working groups and advisory boards with specific TC focus areas to increase knowledge exchange and raise awareness about TC on the European level.

Advisory Boards on the European Level

One of the functions of the AoD is decisions on forming working groups. As a result, tekom Europe is planning to establish two advisory boards, one on Education and Training and one on Legislation and Standards. More details will be made available to tekom Europe members via their delegates soon, as we are looking for experts as members of those advisory boards. If you are a tekom Europe member experienced in one of these subject matter areas, please feel free to contact us.

tekom Europe Webinars Start in Spring 

Starting in spring 2017, tekom Europe offers webinars free for members. tekom Romania will be the first Country Organization to conduct a webinar on Authoring Tools in the upcoming weeks, with more expert webinars to follow from each Country Organization. A webinar schedule is currently in planning and will be available here by March 24.

tekom Member Platform: “my tekom”

The head office has introduced the new member platform “my tekom”. Members can benefit from many helpful features and valuable resources that we provide exclusively for tekom/tekom Europe members. On “my tekom”, you enter an interactive area where you can exchange knowledge with technical communication experts as well as with your peers. 

Here is a list of the most important features:

  • Job Market: Would you like to place a job offer as an employer, or a job application as an employee? Then take advantage of the “Job Market” section in your personal member area.
  • Event Calendar: Here, you can find an overview of announcements of events, seminars and workshops planned by tekom company members.

  • Expert Advice: Do you need advice on any of your projects? Our experts are glad to answer your questions.
  • Service Provider Directory: Are you self-employed and looking for short-term employment? Or are you an employer looking for someone to work on a short-term project? Find each other here?

“My tekom” is currently in the testing phase and will be operational within the next three months.

Upcoming Events and Conferences 

The Country Organizations offer a number of national and cross-border events on technical communication per year. The first cross-border event organized jointly by tekom Österreich and tekom Magyarország takes place on May 12 in Vienna on “Language technology for technical writers and translators”. After the success of last year’s cross-border event, tekom Belgium and the tekom regional group Nordrhein are joining forces again, planning an event on Industry 4.0 in mid-May or early June. Industry 4.0 and more will also be discussed under the main conference topic "Intelligent Information" at the upcoming Opens external link in new windowCOMTecnica 2017 from March 22–23 in Bologna, Italy. Keep up to date on all the Opens external link in new windowCountry Organizations Events and the Opens external link in new windowEuropean Conferences, or simply sign up for the Opens external link in new windowtcworld newsletter, which not only keeps you informed on events, but also provides expert articles.

The AoD in autumn 2017 will be held on Monday, October 23, prior to the tcworld conference in Stuttgart. Next year in the spring, the AoD will be hosted by COM&TEC in Italy during COMTecnica 2018.