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Event Report

Great Debut: the tcworld China Conference in Shanghai

Christine Keller

Around 70 participants gathered for the first-ever tcworld China conference, which was held in Shanghai on March 17, 2015. The event was organized by tcworld GmbH in collaboration with the China Association for Standardization (CAS).

Following our successful outing at the fifth tcworld India event, we were happy to arrive in Shanghai at the Hyatt on the Bund Hotel to open our first tcworld China conference on March 17. The tcworld China team, together with the CEO of tekom/tcworld, Dr. Michael Fritz, was excited to meet with professionals and job entrants, who shared their knowledge on technical communication.

The one-day conference was centered on the general topic of “State of the Art in International Technical Communication”.

Mr. Gao Jianzhong, representative of our Chinese partner organization the China Association for Standardization (CAS), gave the welcome speech.

He was followed by Dr. Michael Fritz, who presented on technical documentation as part of the safety concept of products.The topic covers the ISO/IES 82079, international standard for technical communication, the definition of product safety and the role of technical documentation in product compliance.

The main topic on “State of the Art” was introduced by Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Ziegler (Institute for Information and Content Management / Karlsruhe University of Applied Sciences, Germany) who presented on Structured Authoring, Translation and Intelligent Publishing. 

More Presentations and Showcase Sessions

Over lunch, the attendees discussed and exchanged with their peers about the current situation in China, about training opportunities for technical writers, and how to combine European and Chinese knowledge. In the afternoon, three sponsored showcase sessions gave additional insight into the use of content management systems and strategies in the practice. The representatives of these sponsors were Fredrik Larsson (Manager, Digital Development) of Semcon in Sweden, Berry Braster (Sales Director Technical Documentation) of Etteplan from the Netherlands and Scott Bower (Executive Vice President) of Tweddle Group in the US.

The final presentation given by Dr. Michael Fritz, who focused on the tasks, roles and competences of technical communicators. He defined the taxonomy and discussed how qualified technical communicators meet new challenges such as Intelligent Information, mobile documentation and documentation in the cloud.

At the end of the conference day, after very interesting presentations, the attendees shared their conclusions with the entire audience.


We observed that our participants took the opportunity during the tea and coffee breaks to network with their peers and to share their ideas. In general, the attendees of the tcworld China conference included managers of technical documentation departments or teams, technical writers and other experts on technical communication.
We can conclude that our first conference was a success and hope that future events will be the same – inspiring and fruitful for all attendees as well as for us at tcworld!