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April 10, 2014

tekom Europe

First Assembly of Delegates

Kiriaki Kampouridou

The first assembly of delegates of tekom Europe took place on April 10, 2014 within the context of the tekom Spring Conference in Augsburg, Germany. The Assembly of Delegates is the highest decision-making body of tekom Europe and was attended by delegates from Austria, Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, Romania and Turkey.

Marc Lestrade, deputy chairperson, opened the assembly by welcoming the delegates as well as a guest-representatitve of the newly founded tekom Polska.

What Topics Were Discussed at the Assembly?
The assembly discussed international projects and success stories of the country organizations. Using the opportunity to exchange their experiences, each country organization reported on its activities during the last year, especially the events and the activities of the initiative committees, focusing on best practices (e.g. the involvement of universities or large companies, the offer of specialized courses on topics related to technical communication, publications). The assembly closed with different elections.

Finally, this first assembly was seen as an important event beginning a fruitful collaboration between the country organizations of tekom Europe in the future.