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tekom Europe in Brussels

Discussion on the Present and Future Role of Technical Documentation in Product Safety

Claudia Klumpp

On March 26, tekom Europe and European Parliament member Othmar Karas invited to a breakfast, morning and lunch discussion in the European Parliament in Brussels to discuss the role and future of technical documentation.

Approximately 20 representatives of the European Parliament, the European Commission, the European Economic and Social Committee, and representatives of DKE (German Commission for Electrical, Electronic Information Technologies of DIN and VDE), Orgalime (European Engineering Industries Association), ANEC (the European consumer voice in standardization) and AGORIA (which defends the interests of companies in the technology industry) led discussions of more than 4 hours with tekom Europe members from different countries, divided into three discussion rounds. 

Common Ground: The Importance of User Information for Product Safety

There was consensus that user instructions are necessary for the safe use of products. At present, various harmonized product standards exist with only little attention given to product information. The horizontal standard EN IEC 82079-1 was well received. The discussion then led to the question of whether this standard should be listed within the framework of new product safety-related EU regulations, or at least be referenced in product standards.

Moreover, interest in E-labeling for consumer and industrial products was high because of the benefits expected in this context, such as possible cost reduction, higher information quality, and better user experience.
The discussion clearly showed that further discussions are not only required, but also, highly welcome.