March 19, 2019

News from tekom Belgium and tekom North Rhine Regional Group

Crossing Borders for Common Interests

Susanna Akdut

In the afternoon of Friday, May 3, 2019, the fourth Cross-Border Country Organization Event will take place in Liège, Belgium. First, let us talk about the formula.

The idea of a Euregio event was born some years ago together with tekom Belgium and the tekom North Rhine Regional Group. Technical communication experts from industry and universities in neighboring countries meet together on a half-day event to discuss an interesting topic and, of course, to network. The event is supposed to take place on a yearly basis in springtime, alternately in Belgium, Germany and the Netherlands.

History of our Cross-Border Events for Tech Writers

The first Cross-Border Event took place in May 2016 at Belgium’s first city Tongeren, where the Eburone king Ambiorix first defeated the occupying Romans. Speakers and participants discussed different aspects of “visualization”.

In spring 2017, the 1,200-year-old cultural site of Charlemagne with the famous cathedral, Aachen, was the location of the second Cross-Border Event. At RWTH Aachen, speakers and participants from Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands reflected on Information 4.0. Even a participant from Tecom Schweiz  was spotted!

In lovely Maastricht in the Netherlands, also near the border, where history meets modernity, the third Cross-Border Event took place in May 2018 at Maastricht University. “Back to the roots” was the theme. Speakers and participants explored and examined different perspectives on “Source text”.

This Year on the Agenda: Mobile Documentation, Cost of Documentation Cycles and Graphics in Documentation

In 2019, we are very pleased to host this truly Euregio event in Liège for the first time in the French-speaking part of Belgium, easily accessible by public transport or by car. We worked hard once again to realize an interesting program for our audience.  Markus Nickl will present mobile documentation as a milestone for automated content delivery and intelligent information; Geert Vanderhaeghe will present the cost of a documentation cycle. A new element will freshen up this event: Henk Wijnands will give a short tutorial about graphics in technical documentation between the two more traditional presentations.

Behind the Scenes and Registration

With the kind support of tekom Europe, the North Rhine Regional Group and tekom Belgium are able to organize the Cross-Border Event on a regular basis. The organizers find a mixture of historical places in the Euregio, where speakers talk about up-to-date topics in presentations mixed with fresh new elements at a conference with a personal atmosphere. Participants and speakers have the opportunity to learn and meet each other across national borders during a refreshing break with local specialties.

From the beginning, the organizing team has consisted of Birgitta Meex and Susanna Akdut from Belgium, together with Hans-Jörg Elsen from Germany. They are supported by Anke Neytchev from the head office. Registration will begin shortly. If you already know that you would like to participate, please send an email to a.neytchev(at) confirming your attendance. Location for this upcoming event is Palais de Congrès in Liège.