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March 2014

Report of election result

Country Organization’s Delegates and Executive Board of tekom Österreich elected

The election of the country organization’s delegates was finalized on February 25. We are pleased to announce the results with the elected delegates as well as their substitutes. The general turnout rate of the election was 27%.

The elected delegates and the substitute delegates are as follows:

tekom Belgium

Turnout rate: 40%   
Elected delegate: Prof. Dr. Birgitta Meex
Substitute delegate: Susanna Akdut


tekom Danmark

Turnout rate: 33%   
Elected delegate: Per Harbo Sørensen
Substitute delegate: Dorte Breitenstein-Kristensen

tekom France

Turnout rate: 22%   
Elected delegate: Dr. Marc Lestrade
Substitute delegate: Caroline Camman


tekom Romania

Turnout rate: 56%   
Elected delegate: Prof. Dr. Voichita A. Ghenghea
Substitute delegate: Virginia Maria Bordas


tekom Türkiye

Turnout rate: 58%   
Elected delegate: Prof. Işın Bengi-Öner
Substitute delegate: Recep Ozgur Yakupoglu


tekom Europe: Group of members which are not assigned to a country organization

Turnout rate: 7%   
Elected delegate: Karsten Voß
Substitute delegate: -


The following are the results of the election of the executive board of tekom Österreich:

Turnout rate: 18%
as chairperson and delegate: Ing. Curt Schmidt
as deputy chairperson and delegate: Dipl.-Ing. Franz Steiner
as secretary and substitute delegate: Yvonne Gasser
as treasurer and substitute delegate: Ing. Martin Rieder