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April 2014

Event report tekom Romania

Conference on Professional and Academic Writing

Dana-Adriana Prodan (published by Kiriaki Kampouridou)

Our first conference for the year of 2014 took place on the 27th of March in the Senate Hall of the Politehnica University of Bucharest and was a resonant with the audience. In order to provide valuable insight for all our members, this first event was created for our entry-level audience.


We have a healthy student base among our members, especially in the region of Bucharest, and we wanted to present technical communication as interesting and attractive to the young people who are in the process of starting a career in the near future.

Prof. Dr. Voichița Ghenghea, head of tekom Romania’s IC, opened the conference with an introductory speech and a brief overview of the agenda, putting things in perspective.

Our first presentation was held by Claudia Visinescu, Technical Writer and member of the tekom Romania IC, who wanted to fill in a gap in students’ education concerning writing for the academic audience.
Her presentation, “Redactarea de texte academice” (Introduction to Academic Writing), brought the main ingredients of a wellwritten paper into focus and discussed the consecrated structure of an academic article, be it a lab report, graduation paper or article meant for academic publications, that students may follow for the papers they will most certainly be writing in the near future.

In the following presentation, “Autor liber-profesionist de succes” (How to Become a Successful Freelance Writer), held by Virginia Bordas, Translator and owner of Atelierul de Traduceri and tekom Romania IC member, the speaker sought to provide insight from her experience as once a freelancer and now an employer of freelancers. Many students seek extra income and are looking more and more toward freelancing to this end, but in order to be successful and truly generate a steady income stream, Virginia has listed the key aspects to consider when choosing this path and the qualities you should have or cultivate in order to thrive in a project-based medium.


In closing, Dana Prodan, Lead Technical Writer and also a member of the tekom Romania IC, spoke about how to adapt our writing style for the online environment.

In her presentation, “Structurarea informatiei pentru mediul online” (Structuring information for the online environment), she argues that the human brain is conditioned by a reduced attention span compared to offline reading, so we need to adapt our writing in order to provide rapid stimuli for readers by reducing excess verbiage (“fluff”) to a minimum, providing information in a way that is easy to digest and by making finding important information possible at a glance.

Our first event of the year was a success with the audience, which consisted of close to 40 participants, and the discussed topics were of great interest for the public.

Now, we are busy preparing for our next event, also in Bucharest, which is to take place in May.

          Speakers (left to right): Dana Prodan, Claudia Visinescu, Virginia Bordas